Friday, December 5, 2014

American Tourist in South Africa Slices Open Pregnant Dead Shark to Save Pups

I visited south Africa in 2005, but I did not make it to the Cape. That is one of the premier locations  in the world where sharks thrive, and Shark Week episodes have been filmed there by Discovery Channel.

Recently an American family was on vacation in Capetown when they came across a dying shark on the beach. Seeing movement in the body, the father decided to slice into her to see if there were viable baby sharks. The remarkable event was caught on video. The chatter from those viewing the scene, and the reactions of the man doing the cutting are priceless.

If only there was this much interest in saving unborn human babies...


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dallas Man Decapitates Himself by Driving Van with Noose Attached to Fire Hydrant

Christmas is notoriously a time of year when suicides increase. Whether people are depressed that they have no one to spend the holidays with or mental illness just becomes overwhelming, there is no single answer to why people take their own lives. A disturbing story from Dallas this morning raises questions not only of why this man committed suicide, but why he did it in such a bizarre and gruesome manner. First this short video that essentially states the fact that a body was found.

Then come the news stories flesh out the details, but cannot answer the "why" questions.

The horrific nature of this man's death is mind-boggling. If the message he scrawled indeed translates to "no more severed heads," the choice of dying by beheading is unfathomable.

 Perhaps the man himself had been involved in beheadings, and was confessing his own sins with his final act. Or maybe he has lost a loved one trough beheading in Mexico and wants to bring renewed focus to this brutal means of killing. Whatever the reason, his actions certainly have focused attention on the tragedy of death by decapitation in a far different way than the ISIS beheadings of late.


New Movie about General Tso's Chicken Tempts My Palate

Seen any good movies lately? There are several on my list that I plan to see in the coming weeks. This morning I came across one that I had not heard of but which is now at the top of my list, just below Mockingjay (Part I). The movie is titled The Search for General Tso, and it is about--you guessed it--General Tso. More precisely, it asks Who is General Tso? Here is one of the movie's trailers.

 If you are as intrigued as I am, here is the trailer from the movie's official website.

On the movie website, I was excited to see they include a recipe for General Tso's chicken.

 And a fascinating fact as well is that one of the funders for this movie was none other than teen-idol-turned-movie-mogul Justin Beiber.

Wait. That's Beeber with two Es. Wrong guy. But it was fun while it lasted. I'll bet Justin Bieber likes General Tso's chicken anyway.

I am thinking that a movie about Moo Goo Gai Pan could be the perfect sequel...

Variety called the movie a "finger-lickin' good documentary." Being from Kentucky, I am not so sure I would agree with that (stolen) characterization. Especially since you eat General Tso's chicken with chopsticks (or a fork for the weak of fingers). But still, it is lip-smackin' good eatin'.

Now, I am off to my favorite Chinese restaurant to meet General Tso myself ... again.


Friday, September 12, 2014

DId I Say That? NFL Players and the Things They (Don't) Say

With the news in recent weeks of NFL player Ray Rice and his troubled relationship with his (now) wife, the NFL is a place where not a lot of laughs are happening. So when I saw this video of NFL players and the comically bad lip-reading attributed to them, I had to share it. I watched this video while I was at work, and I had to stifle guffaws on a couple of them. Freaking hilarious.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fredrik Eklund: Is He Ralphie Parker from A Christmas Story?

Tonight I was watching the reunion show for Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo. I finally decided to act on a realization that I had when I started watching the show three seasons ago. That realization is that Fredrik Eklund looks like a grown up version of Ralphie Parker on A Christmas Story. So I Googled Fredrik and Ralphie, and I am convinced they are one and the same.

In reality, this is what Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) really looks like now:

I still say Fredrik looks more like Ralphie than Peter does!

Fredrik got a new puppy this season on Million Dollar Listing New York.
Now he and Derek have two beautiful dachshunds.

Hey, Fredrik, please visit and treat your puppies to a naturally healthy treat!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Humpback Whale Freed from Bondage: Can It Happen for Us, Too?

Although I am not a fanatic about them, I do love animals. Indeed, in recent years I have come to prefer their company over that of most humans. So when I came across this video this morning, before I watched it, I thought it must me a Greenpeace thing and would attempt to shove a lot of drivel down the viewer's throat. But I was mildly surprised that it did not. In fact, I was also emotionally engaged as I watched the rescue that this unassuming group undertook on this adventure that happened almost three years ago. See for yourself.

Two things struck me as I watched this video. First, I found the reaction of the whale to be a fascinating study in HUMAN behavior. We often do the same thing that this whale did to show our gratitude: we perform for the person who helped us. I don't mean that in a bad way. Whether we shake a hand, do a dance, tip a hat, curtsy, bow, whatever the action, we give a visual signal or display to go along with the words "Thank you." Apparently is is "whale nature" just as it is human nature.

The second thing that struck me is really related to the first. I couldn't help but think that I would react like that whale did if I were somehow to be freed from the bondage that is gripping us in this country today. We are being oppressed by an overzealous, rogue President who is acting unconstitutionally in so many ways I cannot even begin to list them. If only someone would come along and free us the way this boat full of people did for this whale. But the burden is heavy, and rescuers are few and far between.

The whale in the video was exhausted and was barely keeping its blowhole above water. It was going to die if it did not get help soon. I feel the same way this whale did. Many of us have been fighting the Obama machine since 2008. Unfortunately, we have only become more and more entangled in the nets he and his minions have cast out there to catch and restrain us. We need a hero to come along with a knife who can free us from the bindings, to allow us to swim free.

If that rescue ever happens, I will do as many back flips and tail wags as this tired old body will allow. But it needs to happen fast, before it is too late. My blowhole is barely able to break the surface for air these days.


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Walking Your Dogs the Right Way and Rewarding Them WIth ChurpiChews!

We are all familiar with the old adage: “Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow; don’t walk behind me, I may not lead; just walk beside me and be my friend.” It’s a nice thought for human companions. Last year when our dogs went to obedience training, the trainer explained that when walking your dog, you should not let them lead the way. Unfortunately, our dogs did not learn that lesson. Haha. The three of them are not about to walk beside me, although they may linger behind to get in a longer smell or to mark an object (if you get my drift.) Since then, I have occasionally seen that sentiment repeated. Today I came across an article on Dog Breeder Info Center that explains the proper way to walk your dog on a leash. It is the best article I have seen on the subject. Unfortunately, I still resemble the “incorrect way to walk your dogs” photo. But I still enjoy my little jaunts around the neighborhood with our trio!

And since Esquire Treats are not just for humans, if you want to reward your dogs after their walk, try the latest cheese treat for dogs called ChurpiChews, available at

Available at

Monday, May 5, 2014

Baltimore Bridge Collapses, Sending Cars into the Drink

I work in Maryland, but I would never go back to live there. This video shows why many people have fled the city of Baltimore -- the infrastructure is crumbling.

A bunch of automobile insurance companies are adding up their losses in the wake of this fiasco!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Girl Has Parasitic Twin Surgically Removed

I cannot imagine what this young woman has gone through, both in terms of living for years with the body of her sister attached physically attached to her own and then having the body removed surgically. It is truly an amazing story.

This story originally aired on BBC in the UK in November of last year. Here is how the girl's story is summarized.
On the surface Workitu Debebet looks like any other teenage girl. But the 17-year-old has spent her young life hiding an incredible secret -- a parasitic twin, including two arms and two legs, fused to her pelvis. Workitu was raised thinking she was normal and reached her late teens without treatment because her poor parents had no way of accessing expert medical care. But Workitu's life has finally been transformed after a team of expert surgeons performed pioneering surgery to separate her from her unborn conjoined twin. Now, the teenager is going to school and making friends for the first time and is looking forward to having a career, getting married and even having children of her own. A new documentary series reveals the amazing courage of Workitu and her family who tried everything to help her, despite prejudice in her community against people with disabilities. Doctors at CURE Hospital In Addis Ababa were amazed when they saw Workitu, who is thought to be the oldest person still to be living with a visible parasitic twin attached to their body. Dr Eric Gokcen, the hospital's medical director, said: "It was something I had never seen before. A parasitic twin is actually rarer than conjoined twins. But as a physician, when I look at patients with a problem, my mind starts thinking about what I am going to do to help them." In an eight-hour surgery, the team carefully removed the outer body but left the extra internal organs because they were working fine. Workitu spent the next three months in hospital but healed perfectly and is now looking forward to her future.
Similarly, this little Indian boy named Deepak is a few countries away from Workitu in Ethiopia. He also hosted a parasitic twin for many years of his life.

God bless Workitu, Deepak, the doctors who operated on them, and both their families!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Liberal Protesters Outside NRA Headquarters Make Fools of Themselves

MRC's Dan Joseph showed up at a protest to interview picketers outside of the NRA’s headquarters in Fairfax, Va. This is a few miles from where I live, and is indicative of the liberals who have invaded once-conservative northern Virginia. This video shows the liberal robots who spew talking points and cannot think for themselves.

Did you not that not a single car honked during the scenes that were shown? Maybe there is hope for Fairfax, Virginia.


Why Are Mysterious Bars Appearing on Desks of Chinese School Children?

Yesterday I wrote about the Chinese truck driver who was impaled by a log that dislodged from another truck and came through his window. Today brings another tidbit from China -- and luckily this one is not gruesome like the truck driver story.

Take a look at these pictures and see if you can figure out why these two schools in China have installed the bars on the students' desks.

Pictures from

When I first saw these, I thought maybe kids were falling asleep in class, thus necessitating the bar. Then I noticed that they are all wearing their coats, so if it is cold enough to requires coats to be worn, there is little chance the students would fall asleep in the classroom. Then I considered whether posture was a concern, such that the bar would encourage them to sit up straight. That seemed plausible.

The real answer is actually unexpected. The two schools in China are implementing the innovative desk attachment device, which was developed by one of the school's directors, in order to prevent the students from getting too close to their workbooks, paper, and books. In turn, this reduces the chances of the children developing myopia, or near sightedness. (Notice the little girl in the second row in the bottom picture -- she seems to be ducking below the bar to write.) Indeed, my initial impression was correct -- that the bars will improve posture-- and that is a bonus. The bars could help prevent back problems when these kids grow up.

Would something like this be accepted in schools in the United States? I suspect most parents would think it is nonsense, especially if there is no articulable data to support a conclusion that the bars reduce the occurrence of myopia. Of course, since schools in nearly every state are implementing Common Core curricula, it's not far fetched that the nanny state could indeed install such implements of control on the desks of public school children.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Chinese Truck Driver Survives Being Impaled by Log During Accident


Every now and again you hear a story about someone getting shot or attacked with a knife, and the person survives because of the precise placement of the bullet or knife. Recently the UK Daily Mail reported on a Chinese truck driver who ran upon an accident -- literally -- and hit another truck from behind. The front truck was illegally carrying tree branches and other landscaping items that stuck out past the allowed limit. One of the logs on the truck entered the driver's side of the cab and penetrated the abdomen of the driver approaching from the rear. It took rescuers an hour to reach the accident scene due to the fact that it occurred in one of the busiest parts of the city.

Rescuers removing impaled driver from truck

The truck driver was impaled, and the log went all the way through the seat. Rescuers removed the entire seat and transported it with the driver to the hospital.

Driver being wheeled through the hospital
Doctors immediately took the man into surgery and found that the wooden spike had not destroyed any of his vital organs, particularly the heart.

Preparing for extraction of the log
During a grueling four-hour operation, surgeons were able to remove the log and save the man's life.

Maybe when he recovers, the Chinese driver should meet the two New Zealand drivers -- one who was impaled by a canoe that was dislodged from a truck and came through his windshield into his chest, and the second who was impaled in the backside when he fell onto an air spigot and was filled up with air. Talk about blowing things out of proportion! (The guy survived and joked about his injury later himself.)

Or maybe he should talk to Jason Ripley of the United Kingdom, who was impaled by a loose barrier that was propelled through his car windshield and lodged in his right shoulder. Jason also survived to tell the tale

39 year-old Jason Ripley during rescue operation that saved him

 You can't make this stuff up, folks.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Tale of Four Cities: Unpleasant Discoveries in Unassuming Homes

The first of two bizarre stories comes from Utah, and it is so "fresh" that all the facts are not yet out. One version of the Utah story says a family who was cleaning out the garage of their home when they found a box containing the body of a dead baby. They called police, who got a search warrant and executed it to search the house. In that search police found six more babies, all appearing to be full term.

Another version says it was the ex-husband of the woman who found the first baby and notified authorities. Whatever the means of discovery, the police have now arrested the previous owner, a 39-year-old woman named Megan Huntsman, who moved out of the house in 2011. Authorities have charged Ms. Huntsman  with six counts of murder over a ten year period from 1996 to 2006.

It is not known why the murder charge count is six when seven bodies have been found. It is possible that one of the babies was underdeveloped and/or not full-term, so the death may not qualify as murder if it is unclear that the infant survived outside the womb.

There will undoubtedly be more news reported on this bizarre story in the coming days.
Quite eerily, the town where these seven deaths occurred was Pleasant Grove, Utah. What's eerie about that? Less than six months ago, another grisly discovery of a dead baby was made in the Missouri town of Pleasant Hill. The Missouri baby's body was found in a bucket, encased in concrete. The husband and wife who live in the home have four other children. As of November 7 when the report of the discovery was made, no information was available about whether there were suspects in the case or the nature of the relationship of the baby to the people living in the house.

Just over a year earlier, on August 12, 2012, the body of a woman was discovered in an apartment in Pleasant Ridge, OH, outside of Cincinnati. The woman was later identified as LaVaneva Green, and her death was ruled a homicide. A juvenile eventually was arrested for her murder.

Then there was the triple murder in November of last year in Pleasant Valley, New York.  A Pakastani man named Abbas Lodhi was found dead in his car outside a supermarket, with his nine-year-old son also dead in the car. Subsequently the older son, age 13, was found dead from gunshot wounds at family's home. Lodhi's wife, Sarwat, was missing, and may at first have been a suspect. However, when her bullet-riddled body was found on the highway the next day, the investigation led to the conclusion that the pharmacist father had killed his wife and two sons in a triple murder-suicide.

I think I will steer clear of towns that have "Pleasant" in their name.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crazy Caller from Northern California Harasses Me and Calls Me an Idiot for No Reason!

Some days I wonder how people got the jobs that they have, particularly when I witness their people skills, or lack thereof. Today is one of those days. My curiosity turned to ire when I received the three most obnoxious phone calls that I have ever heard in my life. I am still reeling from them. I did have the presence of mind to record part of the last call that I received. I told him that I was recording him in the first call, but I could not figure out how to get the phone to record while I was on it. I grabbed my husband's phone and put mine on speaker, so I was able to capture the last 30 seconds of the call. The video below contains my explanation of what happened.

I need the help of my readers in tracking down the madman who called me three times, cursed me out and insulted me when it was HE who called me! That is the mystery of all of this. He called me, but proceeds to tell me that his company does not need me. It was like being on Candid Camera!

I filed an online complaint with the FCC and gave them the crazy guy's phone number. I told them that I expressly told the caller in the first call to remove my name and number from his list and not to call again. After that he called me two more times, which is a violation of the do-not-call law and constitutes harassment (and possibly stalking).

With his voice immortalized on this video, maybe someone will recognize him. His phone number is 747-202-0728. It traces to Los Angeles, California, but is unlisted. So reverse lookups did not work -- even when I paid for one. Please, Readers, I need your help in getting this video out there for people to see, and maybe someone in northern California will recognize the mad man!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Girl Does Impressions of Accents While Speaking Gibberish

This video has been seen over ten million times in one month, and it is still misunderstood. The young woman who filmed herself is not mocking other accents and languages. Rather, she is trying to show what speakers of other languages sound like to her ears. She does not intend to say anything coherent, because most of us do not understand the languages she is imitating. She speaks gibberish on purpose because it is the accents on which she is focusing. I find her talent to be amazing and entertaining.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

I've Chosen My Niche and My Website Is Being Built

After six weeks of working with my coach, I have chosen my niche product and am awaiting the completion of my website. It is being built by Ignite Builder. Are you ready to find out what my product is? Drum roll please.....

I will start off selling antlers for dogs! Yes, that's antlers for dogs...

Thank you, thank you. (I have to give myself some encouragement.)

Seriously, though, I am excited to start selling a product that I believe in and that I am anxious to promote. A large percentage of my Facebook friends have dogs, so I have a ready-made pool of potential customers built in. I don't want them to feel pressured by me pushing a product, of course, but I do think that pet owners like to pamper their animals at times. So I see no harm in a plug here and there to let them know what's (going to be) available on my website.

Robby Jonas
Riley Grace

Buffy Dagny
Antlers are a terrific treat for dogs, large and small, because they will chew on them for hours. If your dogs are like the ones in my life (see above pictures), you know that sometimes you just want them to lay down and stop begging to go out for a walk or out into the backyard to play with tennis balls! Enter "antlers for dogs." Antlers are safe, long-lasting, and durable, so our doggies will curl up with them and gnaw away for hours.

My new website will be, and I will let you know when it is up and running. My vision is finally going to take shape. It can only get better from here!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Best Inspirational, Motivational Speech Compilation

As I continue to work on my home business and try to grow my online business, I look for motivational phrases and videos to keep me inspired. Today I hit the jackpot with a video that gave me goosebumps. It truly struck me to my core, and I now BELIEVE that I can do what I have set out to do.

I still have goose bumps!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scary Movies Always Make Me ... Sigh?

Twenty or so years ago, a young filmmaker from my home town shocked Hollywood by releasing a feature length move that was a box office smash. What was shocking about the Blair Witch Project was that it was shot using handheld cameras and was about as low budget as you can get. I still have a DVD copy of that movie, even though I have not watched in over a dozen years. My family members are not big into scary movies.

Now a new movie is going viral, at least on the Internet, and it is equally unique. This movie is only two minutes long, but it's as engrossing as any full length feature out there. I can't believe I am posting this video here, but since I made myself watch it (in a 1 inch by 1 inch frame, with no sound), it is an esquire treat of sorts.

If you like scary stuff, then this movie is for you. If you are easily shaken by spooky stuff or are prone to nightmares, then do NOT watch.

Mea culpa!

Here's another chance to get the bejeebers scared out of you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Progress on My Online Business

Back in January I wrote about the Tube Cash Code business that had re-ignited my interest in working from home. Although the Corey Gates experience did turn out to be a bust, I can't completely discount it since it led me to the training that I am now undergoing.

Over the last five weeks I have been working diligently at identifying a niche product that I can build a website around to start making money. I am excited to say that I have got my product, and will soon have my website set up. But first let me mention some behind the scenes legal and financial stuff that I have accomplished.

I now am a business owner. Well, that's what I call it since I set up a limited liability company (LLC) to protect my personal property from lawsuits. I officially own DMSM Enterprises, LLC, which cost me $110 online to set up. I also applied to the IRS for an employer identification number (EIN), even though my LLC will be a disregarded entity in Virginia where I live, and all income will be taxed to me as an individual. I will be the only employee at the outset, but hopefully that will change down the road when my business gets rolling.

A few days ago I set up a Paypal business account, and yesterday I applied for a business credit card from Bank of America to be able to track all of my expenses and income separately from my personal expenses and income. I have also learned how to create Paypal buttons to add to my website and blogs so that I can start trying to earn some income. I know it will be slow going at first, but I can be patient when I know that good things await.

Through my course that I am taking with Paramount Concepts, I signed up for an account with They will help me identify suppliers for products as I continue to grow my business. They also have set me up to attend a conference in Las Vegas in June. I only have to get there, and they will pay for my conference fee and hotel room. I am excited about learning the marketing techniques that will help me to push my website to the front page of Google!

So, are you ready to learn what product I will be selling on my website? Stay tuned for my next posting, when I will reveal the secret!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

An Esquire Treat for You: Black Leather Tote Bag

I want to offer you a true esquire treat. Whether you need a bag for the gym or one for travel, this sturdy leather bag will meet your needs!

Dakota Leather Company 23" Genuine Leather Tote Bag
We call this leather bag "Pockets and More." Why? Because there are zippered pockets everywhere: in the front, on the side, and inside. And you'll love the 2 large saddlebags--one on each end. When you feel the need to pack for 2 weeks but you are only going for 2 days, this bag will be your lifesaver.

Only $39.95!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Love My Old Kentucky Home!

This afternoon I took a break from the busy week and went with my husband and daughter to Grevey's Restaurant, a sports bar in Fairfax, Virginia. Named after its owner, Kevin Grevey, the bar reserves a room for fans of the University of Kentucky on days when the Wildcats play football and basketball games. That's because Kevin Grevey played basketball for the Cats in the 1970s.

The Cats played Ole Miss today, so we joined about 20 other fans to watch the game. I am happy to report that the Cats brought home the victory.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Texas and Minnesota Women Stir Controversy Over Their Weight ... and Weight Loss

Mayra Rosales has lived big. Literally. Just 5 to 6 years ago she was one of the heaviest women in the world. As if that was not weight enough on her shoulders, Mayra was the chief suspect in the death of her young nephew. That's because Myra confessed to killing him. As it turns out, however, Mayra was merely trying to protect her sister. Mayra thought her days were numbered, so she hoped to relieve her abusive sister from being convicted of murder. In the end the truth prevailed.

I wrote about Myra almost two years ago. She was enormous, and the sight of her was more than most of us can fathom.

Myra has come a long way. Her weight loss has been dramatic, but even still she has a few pounds to shed. There was even a follow up television show about Myra and the long journey she has traveled.

In comparison, just two days ago NBC aired the finale of NBC's The Biggest Loser. (This is the only show on NBC I can bring myself to watch.) Those of us who regularly watch the BL series have seen some pretty amazing weight loss results in the contestants over the last ten years. But when Rachel Frederickson made her final reveal entry two nights ago, even the trainers were shocked.

Rachel, who hails from Minnesota, had dropped from 260 pounds to 105 pounds, for nearly a 60% loss. Audience and Internet immediately began to ask whether Rachel had gone overboard, to the point where she is no longer healthy by perhaps anorexic.

Rachel insists she is healthy. Now that she has won the $250,000 prize, perhaps she now can stop being so extreme and find some moderation in her eating and her exercise. She took home the grand prize of $250,000, so it's likely she won't be starving herself for long.


The Beginning is Paramount!

WOW! What a difference 48 hours can make! Only two days ago I was still clinging  to the phenomenon as my hope for the future. Things have changed though.

Last night I had my telephone call with Jared and with his supervisor, Shawn A. The call lasted 3 1/2 hours. And yes, I paid more money to learn more about Internet programs and money-making activities. The company they work for is Paramount Concepts in Orem, Utah. After a while, I lost track of how I got from Corey Gates last Friday to Paramount Concepts last night. I still cannot trace the path that got me to where I am.

Last night was not all smooth sailing though. What was predicted to be a 90-minute call grew to 300 because my husband, whom I adore, was very cautious and skeptical. They want to know that both parties to a marriage are on board, and I don' blame them for that. My husband was almost mute when the call started, to the point I was sure they were going to say "forget it" to me. But I know they exaggerate how many people call and interview and get rejected.

In the end, I signed up, and paid $14,600 for the tuition for the program. It's a lot -- the same amount as a semester at the University of Kentucky. But today I got my first of 20 mentor sessions scheduled (for Monday at 7:00 p.m.), and I have access to the website with videos to watch. I will be getting my own website designed for me, so I have to come up with a topic for my website. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

This video is of Tyson Ellis, my mentor. Quite obviously, he is a talented man!


My stepdaughter loves to draw, so there could be a chance for  additional mentoring if I play my cards right and work my backside off!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Episode 6: Is Corey Gates Catholic?

[Cue dramatic music...]

Tonight is when I was to tell my husband about my recent interest and monetary investment in Tube Cash Code. Since I have signed us up for a phone call tomorrow night, I figured I need to fill him in.

Were there emotions involved? Yes. Did I anticipate his reaction? Yes and no. I came home, and we sat down to talk. I knew that he would listen and that he would give me his honest assessment. I wanted that honesty. He is the love of my life and I trust him implicitly.

I began by explaining what II have been doing for the past week or so in terms of seriously searching for work-at-home opportunities. I did not need a body language expert to tell me that my husband's posture stiffened while I was explaining what tomorrow night's call is going to be about. His crossed arms were indicative of a defensive posture. He was not smiling. He was leaning AWAY from me. His lips were almost white as they pressed together. All of these were signs that things were not going well. I stopped and let him have his time.

There were no curse words. He reminded me of the Rich Dad seminar that I dragged him to a few years ago and how that never panned out, I told him that I still believe that the real estate market is a viable place to make money, but admittedly it is probably not a good fit for me. I am not a phone person who can do business that way. I was not confident enough to bargain people down on their products or services. I have learned a lot and believe differently now compared to then.

Any how, the conversation turned into an opportunity for me to sell myself. I cried, naturally, but only a few tears. It was not a sentimental brain wash where he had to give in. He was understanding of my need and desire to be my own boss, to get out from under an over all structure that has philosophical differences in belief from what I believe. I am tired of working for an agency that does not appreciate or value my skills and my contributions. I put in hours of work, overtime even, and I get nothing for it. If I am going to invest hours of overtime and invest myself in a business, I want to reap the benefits.

I hope and pray that my ship is about to come in under this Tube Cash Code system. I will work hard and follow the leads provided if they can convince me that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One last note for now. I went back and re-watched several Corey Gates videos, and the screenshot below has me really discombobulated. There is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) on the credenza in the back ground. Is this Corey's house? If so, he MUST be Catholic. No Protestant (much less a Jew, Buddhist, or atheist) would dare have a statue of Mary in his house. If hoes he know what the statue means then it is most likely not his home. That raises concern and questions. If he IS Catholic, then he must have values (and Catholic guilt) to which I can appeal (and relate).

The plot thickens, so stay tuned. And bring on the hard work!


Part 5: Live-Person Contact with TCC Start-Up Specialist

Since I last wrote on Saturday, I have been a little frustrated with trying to get things going with Tubecashcode (which I am abbreviating TCC). I have watched more videos and re-watched previously-viewed videos. I've even looked at other websites promoting other systems. I still am intrigued by the TCC promises.

So finally this morning I got a call-back from the Start-Up Specialist assigned to me. His name was Jared Colwell, and he seemed pretty genuine and well-scripted. We spent 37 minutes on the phone, during which time he asked me questions about my job, income, and goals for the future. It was reminiscent of the Robert Kiyosaki program (Rich Dad) that I participated in a few years ago. And that leaves me with absolute certainty that I am going to have to invest some money into this before all is said and done, and sooner rather than later. But I have to be willing to invest money to make money. I know that going in. How much the asking price will be is the question. Jared said they are looking for people who are candidates for "testimonials," which leaves me wondering. (I'm sure that creating curiosity is what he and they want.)

So when I told Jared I am married, he said they need both my husband and me on a phone call to discuss our goals and to make sure he is on-board with my desire to work from home and devote time and energy (translated money) into this program. Now, unless my husband has been reading these blog posts--which is possible--he knows nothing about my latest jaunt into the quit-my-job-and-work-from-home arena. I will tell him tonight since I have set up a phone call for tomorrow night at 7:00 with Jared to speak again with both my husband and me.

Jared gave me homework for tonight. My husband and I are supposed to come up wth ur top 10 financial goals, 5 short term and 5 long term. Then we are to set a 5-year financial goal and a 10-year financial goal. And finally, think about what it will take to achieve those goals. I know the "trick" is to get us to really believe that it IS possible to get there -- which is a good thing in and of itself. But the investment of money is again what it's going to come down to. We have to set a realistic goal tonight and say this is how much we're willing to invest in it  -- and if it's beyond that we are not interested.

What we'd be paying for is a mentor, a coach if you will. The commitment of time initially will be 0 hours a week, which is doable for me on the evenings and on weekends. I just do not want to have to make phone calls to people. I'll do online stuff and run errands, but don't put me on the phone selling things. So, we'll know more tomorrow night after we talk to Jared and his supervisor, Rick. Until then, I have already completed my homework!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Part 4 in My Tubecashcode Saga

So, after trying to log off of one of the tubecashcode websites that I had open, I was offered the 5 websites being set up and all that. I can understand that if I am going to have traffic driven to my website that I need a website. But should I do it on the site I am on which is not the one that I was on earlier? It's like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded.

I put the website purchase on hold for now. It will cost $259 for a 2-year hosting agreement. I know, Corey said he will never ask for more money. But it's not him asking, it is Hostzilla, the hosting site for my "future websites." Each one will cost me $259. But I am supposed to get all the design for free -- $10,000 worth of services. I don't know what I would put on ONE website, much less FIVE!

But I want to go through the tubecashcode training videos first and see if they tell me that I have to buy websites. I went through a different website to get to this video offer of web-hosting. And it is a video I have seen before -- within the last two days as I have been researching how to make money on the Internet and work from home. And that time it was not related to tubecashcode. (It all seems a bit incestuous.) If websites are really an intricate part of the program, then I am fine with that. But I already have one set up and paid for (, I just don't have any new content to put on it right now! Maybe I should move this blog to MY website... That's a thought.

So back on the flow of webpages after I registered, Corey tells me that I must move methodically and exactly through the steps he lays out in order to achieve the greatest success. I am directed to use a phone number on the screen to call a "start-up specialist" who will "hold your (my) hand." I just called the number and was told to leave a message and someone will call me back. I left a message and said that if it is after 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, wait until tomorrow and call me after noon Eastern time! It'll be Sunday, and I have Church in the morning, then grocery shopping. It's God's Day, after all, and I owe everything to Him!

I have a lot of email in my in-box due to all the market survey websites I signed up for. So I guess since I am on hold with tubecashcode until I get a call back to hold my hand, I will attend to some of those and maybe take a few surveys. Maybe I'll make 25 cents! The Saga Continues

Let me note up front that there has been absolutely no mention whatsoever of keeping anything secret with regard to these videos. Now, don't get me wrong. If I ever learn something substantive with regard to how this program works, I won't share it here. I'm not stupid enough to give away something that I paid for. But I am interested in stripping away the hype and letting people know the truth about a product that sounds to good to be true. After all, if it could do what the video depicts (stick a thumb drive in and earn $1000 in 40 minutes), it would be worth its weight in gold.

The $298 that I mentioned in the previous post is for a 5-step program that will quadruple what students could make. This software cost him an additional $405,000. That's $385,000 plus $405,000 (the latter being the product of . 45,000 for nine months spent on developers). Brian is the lead developer and we are introduced to him. He is using a (you guessed it) Mac computer, and he says he hates cameras.

Newbluefx flashes momentarily on the screen, so I an wondering if this is the name of the coding software?

Update - Corey says he went to see Peter (from the first video) in North Dakota. Hank-from-Colorado had selected Peter's name as the next recipient of Corey's benevolence. But then Corey was sidetracked by going to see Harris Schmidt about his $45,000,000 offer. [TROUBLESOME: Corey is still maintaining the charade that he is helping people for free and in 36 minutes. Drop the charade, Corey. You hooked me, now give it to me straight.] We then see a video of Peter and his wife. Before Corey's alleged visit they were destitute, just hours from their financial Armageddon. Then Corey visited them -- they are the third Chosen Ones. In their video they are giddy, and they say in four days they have paid off ALL their debt.

Argghh! Once again, I paused the Peter and wife video to write here, and when I went back it stopped playing and I had to click and click. I was then taken to a video of Corey saying stop, can you really pass up a chance to earn more money? Somehow I lost that video too. And I just got launched into another video of Corey asking for $179 for something, and he swears he will never EVER ask me for another penny. EVER. He insists. I don' even know what I am supposed to be buying. It's just that he makes it sound like I have to have this in addition to the $19 I already spent. I don't know if its the same thing I was supposed to spend $298 two videos ago.

Okay, its called a "pitch-in investment" for software to drive traffic to my site from the 5 most-visited websites on the web, and to get a lifetime of free upgrades. But I thought we did not have to have a website. What is on my website? So I am confused again. He promises that I will never again have to pay another penny. (Why am I reminded of Obama's promise that if you like your health insurance you an keep it?)

But I am staying optimistic. I am not looking for a free ride. I just wish I knew what all I was going to be asked to pay up front so I can know where the gravy train is going. Luckily he says its guaranteed and if I don;t get at least 100,000 visitors to my website in 60 days I get a refund and can keep the software. Again, that website that I don't know what will be on it.

I just paid another $179 for the 5-website traffic driver. My credit card bank rejected the transaction at first since I had just charged $19 to that same company. I got a fraud alert, so I had to go online and okay the transaction. I'm sure they are wondering what's up since the last time something like that happened it was a fraudulent use of my card in Indiana at two different gas stations. That time it WAS fraud, and it was one of the predecessor cards to the one I have now.

Another Corey-video has popped up on my screen, so I have a lot of watching to do!

WAIT! I just went back to a website called "" that I checked out this afternoon when I was checking out the veracity of the tube cash code and as I try to close it out (having already bought in) it offers me the tube cash code for $9!! What? I paid $19. I gave in too early! I need to get myself in the circle of people who pus this product! They make money selling the rain-maker! takes me to, so that's how I know this is a plant that is trying to look impartial. After all, the whole thing is that they show you ways to drive people to your website. It worked in this case and led to Genius!

Stay tuned for the next chapter. It's not that far away from being written!

Tube Cash Code Part 2

It's an hour or so later and I am back to report for the first time since signing up for tube cash code for $19. As soon as I sent my payment, a video came up with Corey welcoming me to the inner member circle and telling me that he has spent a lot more money since then developing new software. Below the video I can see an "upgrade now for $298" display.

I was only seconds into this video, and I wanted to check and see if I got an email in my box confirming my enrollment. But first I stopped to eat supper since I had not eaten since 10:00 a.m. First things first!

When I finished eating leftover Chinese food, I saw that I had received an email immediately after sending payment. It took me a few minutes to log in using the link in the email. I started in Firefox but I switched to Chrome -- it's the only browser they give you directions for to enable cookies. I actually already had them enabled, so I don't now why it made me go to settings and pretend to turn on the enable. But I did, and I got in. It took me to another video starring Corey. But since I already had a video in the queue from when I signed up in Firefox, I paused this video. So, I have the second video on hold while I go back to watch the first video.

I am maintaining an open mind. Hard work does not discourage me. I just want a system that works!

More to come...

Corey Gates Tube Cash Code: Real or Bogus?

I have not written in this blog in over a year. There was not much excitement in my life to write about. But that may have changed. Originally I started this blog several years ago in anticipation of starting a business at home. I was going to blog as I went step by step through setting up a home business selling cookies, and I called it Esquire Treats. Needless to say, that went nowhere. Then I blogged for a while on legal stories. That was okay for while, but I lost interest since no one ever commented or followed me. So I vacated Esquire Treats again.

Now, I am circling back to my original intent in starting this blog. I am growing more and more desperate to quit my job and work from home. Over the past three days and nights I have been online trying to figure out how people make money from the Internet by working at home. I have signed up for dozens of marketing survey websites and tried responding to hundreds of the surveys that they suggest for me based on my profile. I have given my private information out, including my cell phone number. It has rung several times, as I am sure the number gets sold repeatedly. Luckily, I do not have to answer if I don't want to. The surveys are so annoying as I spend time responding to the same questions a hundred times an hour, and I might earn a dollar or 75 cents for my efforts. Usually, though, it tells me I am not qualified for that survey. I must lead a boring life, or I just don't use the products or services that they are selling.

So when I stumbled across this video and other websites pushing the Corey Gates "tube cash code" system, I thought I would write about it from the start. The video is out there on the website, open to the general public, so it is not private. I am not revealing anything that anyone cannot see of their own volition. I have searched the search engines for info on this guy an his program, but cannot find anything negative about him or it. I think that's because his system involves controlling stuff on the Internet.

In the video I am watching right now, Corey is supposed to be flying across the country to surprise a woman in California to change her life and give her the mystery system he has developed. It might have been believable except that as he goes up to the front door to surprise this woman (Andrea), whom he explicitly said had no idea he was coming, there is a camera INSIDE HER HOUSE as she opens the door to him. The  woman's acting is not so good, either. Andrea and her 16-year-old Nick deliver their lines like amateur actors. Nick, age 16, even throws in a few swearwords!

Corey himself has a polished delivery, but he has practiced a lot, I am sure. In under a minute Corey inserts a thumb drive containing his code into her Mac laptop and sets up two accounts: one for Andrea and one for Nick (ostensibly to pay for his college), even though Nick is a minor. The daughter, Joy (she's named appropriately)  has a few lines to deliver also, but she doesn't merit an account of her own. Maybe because she's just a girl. Joy expresses her past fears and her new found joy that Corey has saved them and made them rich. Yes, Andrea makes $750 in the span of 36 minutes (time-lapsed on screen), and Nick makes close to that amount in his own account. Neither of them had even touched the computer after installation of the mystery code!

Next, Corey off to see Hank in Colorado, the next lucky schmuck whose name Andrea picked from a list that Corey showed her. Corey shares Hank's story while flying on the plane. Hank is unemployed and otherwise down and out, but his savior is on the way. Once again, he is supposed to be surprising the guy, but a camera is in the driveway as his hatchback Infiniti pulls into the driveway. Corey gets out and says, "Hey guys, are you ready to surprise Hank? He has no idea we're coming. I can't wait to see his face."  A second camera picks Corey up as he walks around the garage and approaches the front door. We hear a dog bark, then we see a large, gray-haired and bearded man open the front door. The camera-angle quickly flashes to an inside shot looking out at Corey (third camera?) as he introduces himself as just "Corey," and says he read Hank's email and flew down to see him.

Hank says he can't believe Corey is there to save him. Hank is cute, and he plays his part well. The pooch named Max (my dad's name) also plays his part well, not barking at the "stranger" as he enters the house. Dissolve to camera 4 as Hank leads Corey into the kitchen of what appears to be a lovely, impeccably furnished home. Hank doesn't seem to be hurting THAT bad for money. He explains that his son is laid off and is out looking for a job at that very moment. He leads Corey into the dining room, where camera 5 picks up on the action.

Hank explains that he was kicked to the curb recently by is employer, and that he never made a lot of money -- just enough to put is kids through college and buy his wife a flower or two here and there. Sweet. His son and daughter-in-law are supporting him, he explains, and he wishes he could carry his own weight. He wishes for a few thousand dollars a month to help out. Corey says he cannot promise a few thousand dollars a month, but he can show Hank how to make a few thousand dollars a DAY within the next 30 minutes. Hank gets his son's laptop (also a Macintosh), and Corey pulls out the magic wand (memory stick), quipping that he has "$385,000 in this stick."  This time when Hank says "I can just have it?" Corey responds, "Well, no, but we're gonna show you how to make money." Corey lets Hank put in his username and a password, then tells him that's it. No technical knowledge required.

While they are waiting the 30 minutes for the program to get started, they take the dog for a walk. After 40 minutes, Corey says they need to check on the progress of Hank's "campaign," and pulls out his phone. Then comes the less-than-believable scene where Corey holds the phone out and Hank punches in his password -- with a flourish. In the 40 minutes since they left the computer, Hank has purportedly made $1345.49, more than he makes in a "month of pension." Corey tells Hank that this income stream is permanent, and that he can share this with his kids and anyone he wants, and that it is free, a gift from him. Then he has Hank pick the name of the next person he going to go visit and help. Hank picks Peter Morris from South Dakota, and Corey says he is going to visit him today.

But back at Hank's house, Corey admits he is tired and that he going to crash in a local hotel and go see Peter tomorrow. He gives the camera crew the night off, and they thank him as they record him leaving in his own car. Six hours later (according to the words on a black screen insert) we see Corey at his Hilton hotel room in a robe with the Hilton label. He says there has been a change in plans and he points to a voice message on his hotel phone that went straight to voice mail.

Corey holds up his phone an plays the voice message. The voice identifies himself as Harris Schmidt from JVK Capital, and he is asking to meet with Corey ASAP in regards to the system he has developed. He offers to send their plane to get Corey and says that they are drafting the paperwork to expedite the transaction based upon an offer that they will make him that he will find "quite satisfactory." They offer him $45,000,000 to acquire his company. Call his secretary Danielle at 615-244-_782.

Corey goes on to explains that this guy who called is worth 3/4 of a billion dollars and invests in all kinds of businesses. He says he cannot reveal the guys name (I thought the caller said us his name was Harris Schmidt) because the guy would sue him. Corey says he has to go see what this is about, and invites us to come with him. Then he asks the camera crew if they have a small camera that they can put on his to record the meeting in secret. One guy says they have a glasses camera that he can wear.

 Cut to 8 a.m. the next day. Corey demonstrates the hidden camera in the glasses and we see what he is seeing, including the camera and the cameraman. Back on his private plane "Mr. Gates" is served coffee. He takes off and lands somewhere in the next few seconds. He is recorded coming off the plane and getting into a white Mercedes (?), and he then pulls up to a curb across from a high rise building and exits the car. (I forgot to mention the exciting background music that strikes up whenever there is no conversation going on.)

Inside the shiny building with the marble reflecting floors, we see Corey stroll confidently through the atrium, not looking for a directory or asking directions, but with knowledge of where he is going like he has been there a thousand times. A camera in the elevator picks up the action at this point and a third camera picks up Corey as he exits the elevator and heads to the office with the name of the firm on the window -- too small print to read from our distant angle. He knocks. Then as he enters the conference room to greet two men, his hidden glasses camera kicks in and we see from Corey's view point.

Mr. Schmidt shakes Corey's hand and introduces his business partner analyst Steve Robertson, who shakes Corey's hand as he looks into the camera-rigged glasses. Corey's first question is how Mr. Schmidt found him and got his number. They all sit down at the table, as a (non-hidden) camera in the hall records their actions inside the Conference Center. Schmidt says Corey has not been hiding and that they are not the only ones interested in his product so they are offering more than anyone else would offer. Corey admits he has been giving away his secret formula and Schmidt says it is crazy and Corey is insane. He says that Corey's desire to "give back:" is "cute."

Corey shows proof of what he makes from his system by showing his iPad with carts of daily income and monthly cumulatives in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Schmidt reiterates the offer of $45,000,000. Corey would have to be a moron to not see that, if he can make $450,000 in 1 month, it would take him 100 months (8 years) to make $45,000,000 at that same rate. But Corey asks what Schmidt would do with the secret plan since he already has plenty of money. Schmidt tells him frankly that it is none of his business but goes on to say he would "ask $15,000 a pop  for it" as they sell it to corporations and wealthy people who want to make more money. He tells Corey that he has the "American dream" on the USB in his hand. Indeed, says Schmidt, they should ask $30,000 for the system.

As the conversation progresses, the would-be-buyer says that they would sell the little guy a stripped down version that doesn't really work and that requires them to buy upgrades. Schmidt offers to write the $45,000,000 check out that very minute. Feigning the need to make a phone call and to use the restroom, Corey exits the room and pauses in the hallway, leaning against the wall, either torn by the desire for wealth or in disgust at the greed displayed by the vulture in the conference room. Then, as he turns dramatically and heads rapidly for the elevator bank, the music rises to a crescendo.

Outside Corey crosses the street to his car and says to the camera that he is "pissed" at the men he has just encountered. It's because of people like that that others are not able to get their break online. Corey gives a monologue about the greed of men like Schmidt who want to rob the everyday Joe of the chance to make a buck. Our hero drives off in disgust and arrives back at his private plane.

[Ah-oh! My video has locked up and I am stuck with a shot of the stewardess waiting for Corey to re-board the plane, pouring what looks like weak lemonade into a tall wine glass. I waited five minutes and finally refreshed the page. That ended the video and took me to a "wait-a-minute-don't-leave" video of Corey in a tux, surrounded by balloons and party stuff, telling me he is giving me a "scholorship" (as it is misspelled on the website) and that his system will be 100% free -- which is what he already said in the video. Then he says that we agreed on the previous video that covering the "hard costs" is fair. That must have been in the part that I couldn't view because the video locked up at the end.

So now he says it is normally $49 but he will spot me $30 and pay me to take one of the 50 spots available and buy his product for only $19. It almost makes sense, especially with the 60 day guarantee period when I can return it and give up my spot. But he'll let me keep the "tube cash code." All this as long as I show him I have tried my very best.

I would have had a lot more respect (and patience) for the video if Corey had said that these were re-enactments or fictitious stories. Do I wish Corey would come to see me? Heck, if he made me rich, I would gladly let a cameraman into my house and pretend to be surprised!

I just read a bunch of critical, negative reviews of this program at So, with all that in mind, I am going to spend the $19.00 and purchase the program, just so I can document what I do to try and make this program work.  Here goes. Stay tuned....