Friday, November 30, 2012

Perspective and Fake Rubik's Cube

This a gratuitous video that really has nothing to do with legal stuff. I could probably stretch it and make some connection. But it's the weekend, and I am not in a thinking mood. I just want to be entertained!

I love it! You really have to be able to see things in a different light to be able to construct this type of representation. To say it's all about perspective is an understatement!


Optical Illusion and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

This artist, brusspup, is multi-talented and SMART. I say that because he not only created the optical illusion content, but also knew enough to develop his own music and post it on i-Tunes for sale. Quite the entrepreneur!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obama's Austere Christmas Plans

Get a load of the cost of the Obamas' upcoming Christmas vacation to Hawaii -- well over $4,000,000 for 20 days of R & R.
The total cost (based on what is known) for a 20-day round trip vacation to Hawaii for the President and his family and staff and security is more than $4 million.
Hawaii Reporter annually has requested details on the cost of the President’s trip, but the White House will not release any figures, citing security concerns. A spokesperson has maintained the costs are "in line" with other presidential vacations.Hawaii Reporter has sought to determine the cost of vacations for the current president and last two presidents but the Government Accountability Office referred Hawaii Reporter back to the White House spokesperson.
We certainly cannot expect him to implement austerity measures in his second term when it comes to his family and their luxurious lifestyle. Something tells me this is only the tip of the iceberg in what he will be sponging up for his family in the next four years.

And all we can do is bend over and take it.
The least he can do is pay for the leis for the 100s of
servants attendants who will accompany them!

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: When in Doubt, Don't!

Note to lawyers in France: I give you a new commandment: Thou shalt not Tweet while in the middle of an attempted murder trial -- especially Tweeting about the judge!

Two French prosecutors were suspended when it was discovered they had been tweeting messages to each other throughout a three day hearing. In one exchange, one attorney asked the other how long a prosecutor would get if he strangled the judge. The other responded that he would be a character witness for him. The first tweeted that he would return the favor if the latter strangled the court clerk.

It may seem like a mere case of a couple of hard-working barristers releasing some tension or letting off steam. After all, trials are trying on an attorney's nerves. But doing it on Twitter is insane. These two educated men were rightfully suspended if for no other reason than failing to exercise common sense!


Three Thanksgiving Tragedies

I had a pleasant Thanksgiving this year. It was a quiet day at home with immediate family, a turkey, and the basic traditional fixings. Just the way I like it.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this country was able to experience the same.

The news is rife with horrific stories of tragedy on Thanksgiving, from all over the country. Here are just a few of the disturbing stories I have read about that took place a week ago.

Disturbing Thanksgiving Story #1 - Terre Haute, Indiana

Years ago, when I traveled to Chicago from western Kentucky I passed through this quaint little town in western Indiana. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about Terre Haute, other than the fast food restaurants that line the stretch of Highway 41 that one travels when navigating through the city. There is also an airplane on the lawn of a city building that you pass by, and that usually catches one's eye as you pass.

So I am sure that many of the residents in Terre Haute were as appalled as I was to read about a couple who have been accused of confining and abusing some of their children. Especially disturbing is what happened on Thanksgiving Day. Here is how the Indianapolis Star reported on the story: 
Locked in a nearly empty second-floor bedroom, three adopted boys shared their meager Thanksgiving Day dinner: two microwave burritos and a half glass of water.
Downstairs in the Terre Haute home, Larry and Nikki Russell shared a holiday feast with their biological son and another adopted child.

Later that day, as families across America enjoyed time together and gave thanks for the blessings in their lives, the bizarre treatment inside the Russell home allegedly turned violent.

The hands of the oldest adopted boy, who is 17, were bound. He was “back handed” across the face. Blood flowed from his nose and down his cheek. Balled up socks were stuffed in his and his adopted brother’s mouths, then covered with duct tape.

The next day, the teen broke out a window from his second-story prison and jumped to the ground. Looking for help, he soon made it to Union Hospital, where officials called police and the Department of Child Services to investigate a possible case of abuse.
Mug shots of child abusers Larry and Nikki Russell.

The U.K. Daily Mail provides additional details of the horrors these children suffered.
A couple have been arrested after allegedly locking three of their adopted children in a bedroom and starving them - before enjoying a Thanksgiving feast downstairs with their biological son.

The alleged treatment at the hands of Larry and Nikki Russell was uncovered when their eldest adopted son escaped at their Terre Haute, Indiana home Friday after breaking a window. Wandering barefoot and weighing just 93 pounds, the 17-year-old boy was picked up by a motorist and taken to Union Hospital, where staff called police and the Department of Child Services. He told officials the couple doused him and his adopted brothers in urine, bound them to their bed posts, locked them in pitch-black rooms and regularly left them without food and water. 
Locking the Russells in jail and throwing away the key would be too good of a punishment for these two. Unless you separated them and never let them see and feed off each other's evil again.

Disturbing Thanksgiving Story #2 - Mobile Alabama

Meanwhile, several hundred miles south of Terre Haute, another brutal family disturbance played out. In this case, a young woman was severely beaten by her girlfriend's brother.

This is Travis Hawkins, the cowardly idiot who beat up Mallory Owens.

This is Mallory Owens at the hospital after being beaten by Hawkins.

The truth of the beating has yet to be solidified, but there are suspicions that Hawkins did not like the fact that Owens is his sister's lesbian lover. A few days after the savage beating on Thanksgiving, Owens was back at her girlfriend's house, saying she does not hate Hawkins for hitting her.

Something tells me we have not heard the last of this story. Sadly, I foresee hearses and funerals and murder trials.

Disturbing Thanksgiving Story #3 - Little Falls, Minnesota

The disturbances on Thanksgiving were not confined to the east of the Mississippi River either. And it was not just abuse and beatings that took place in Little Falls. Rather, it was a case to rival the George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin controversy in terms of whether the murders were in self-defense.

In this terrible tragedy two teens ended up dead -- 17- and 18-year-old cousins.

Homeowner Byron Smith who shot the two home-invading cousins.

Cousins Nicholas Brady, 17, and Haile Kiifer, 18, died in Smith's basement.
This story is particularly troubling for me to sort out. I firmly believe in the adage A man's home is his castle, and I have no problem with a robbery victim shooting home invaders who knowingly break into his occupied dwelling. Clearly, these teen cousins broke into Mr. Smith's house with the intention of burglarizing it. In addition, it now is believed the innocent-looking teen cousins had burglarized another unoccupied (at the time) local home just the previous day. And it is even suspected that these two may have been responsible for one or more of the previous SEVEN burglaries of Mr. Smith's home in recent years.

So what gives me pause in declaring this a righteous case of protecting one's life and property? Well, there is a detailed description of what happened in the home, and Mr. Smith has been arrested after confessing to the manner in which he shot the home invaders. I would not want to be on his jury. They will have to decide if he went farther than the law allows in the defense of his property after disabling first the boy and then the girl without having to kill them.

What I am also distressed about is how the family and friends of these twin criminal cousins are playing them up to be the victims and pretending they were so wonderful and upstanding and yes, maybe a little naughty and maybe she had a drug problem, but they did not deserve to be shot.

Baloney! They were young adults and they knew right from wrong and they knew the consequences of their actions. Smith on the other hand, also knew the consequences of his actions, and he appears ready to face them. Here is how the Daily Mail reported on the burglary.
Smith told authorities that he was in his basement last Thursday when he heard a window break upstairs.

When he saw Brady on the basement stairwell, he fired at the teenager then shot him again in the face after he fell down.

The complaint said Smith told an investigator: 'I want him dead.'

Smith said he dragged Brady's body into his workshop. When Kifer came down the stairs, he shot her multiple times.

He dragged her into the room and as she gasped for air, he fired what he described as a 'good clean finishing shot' under her chin 'up into the cranium,' the complaint said.
Yesterday, Smith admitted that he fired 'more shots than he needed to,' as friends and family of the dead teens expressed outrage over their deaths.

On Monday, he was charged with second-degree murder and police revealed he told them he fired more shots than necessary after his gun jammed and Kifer laughed at him.

While Minnesota law stipulates people are allowed to use deadly force when defending their homes, relatives, friends, police and prosecutors claimed Smith reacted too drastically by killing them.
Thank goodness the cousin thieves were not black. That would really complicate things.

The question of how much force is too much now moves from sunny Florida to lake-riddled Minnesota, "America's heartland."


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There But for the Grace of God Go I ... and You

When tragedy strikes, the inevitable questions that arise are "Why did [name] have to die?" or "Why was I allowed to survive?" Two recent incidents illustrate this more clearly than I have seen in recent memory.

In Savannah, Georgia, an elderly woman hit the accelerator instead of the brake, causing her to crash through the front of a jewelry store. Hidden cameras caught the event on camera. The amazing thing is the proximity of the toddler who passed in front of the car seconds before the accident. Take a look.

The toddler was scratched and bruised, but he was essentially fine. No one died in the incident.

Unfortunately, a similar incident in New York last night did not have the same happy ending.


This Long Island metro bus crashed into a house in the evening, and a six-year-old boy was pinned between the bus and the wall. He died as a result of his injuries. His 7-year-old brother was in bed at the time and survived, despite being cut by flying glass and debris. 

Why do some accident victims survive while others do not? I don't know the answer to that question. No human does. Only God knows why He takes some people "home" while leaving others to breathe another day. All we can do is try to live a life worthy of getting us "home."


Hotel Lock Thief Caught Red-Handed

About six weeks ago I blogged about how hotel rooms with certain types of locks on the doors are not safe from would-be thieves who have developed a way to get into hotel rooms lickity split. It was just before I went to Dallas to deliver a presentation. I noted at that time that the hotel had the very same locks that were susceptible to break-in. So I left nothing of value in my hotel room since I was only there overnight.

Now an arrest  of a man has been made in Houston, He was utilizing the very technology about which we were warned.

Caught: Matthew Allen Cook (pictured) was arrested on charges that he broke into several hotel rooms by taking advantage of the faulty locks.

Thief Matthew Cook was caught red handed breaking into hotel rooms using the very technology on the very same type of lick that I wrote about.

What a waste. He's kinda cute -- in a criminal sort of way. Definitely not my type!


Man Who Killed Family Sentenced To Four Life Terms

This is an update on a case that I wrote about several months ago. Eighty percent of the beautiful Vaughn family was wiped out in one fell swoop over five years ago when Christopher Vaughn decided he wanted to make a new life for himself north of the border in Canada.

The Vaughn Family
The last place Kimberly and her three children, ages 12, 11 and 8, were seen was in their family car. Their bodies were discovered there in 2007. 

The car that was a tomb for Kimberly and the children.
Although Christopher tried to blame the deaths of the children on Kimberly, the jury was not swayed. They knew he was the cold-blooded murderer of the people he was supposed to protect, and they convicted him of four counts of murder. Now, he has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences. Not concurrent, but consecutive. That means he will never see the light of day outside prison walls again.

This dastardly monster is where he deserves to be for the rest of his life -- a hopefully long one so he can face his heinous crimes every day.


Half-Ton Killer Now Pulling Her Weight

Here is the latest update on Mayra Rosales. You remember her from my earlier blog posts. She is the young woman who weighed over a half-ton when she confessed to and was arrested for the murder of her nephew several years ago in Texas.

Mayra eventually revealed the truth -- that her sister was the real murderer. The sister is now serving time for the crime. In the mean time, Mayra was completely exonerated, and she went into treatment for her morbid obesity. She now has a Facebook page which she updates with pictures of herself as she makes progress in her weight loss. Mayra recently had her stomach stapled, and is slowly but surely taking off the weight.

Mayra's weight loss is really progressing. She seems to be happy with her treatment, and writes that she recently waled 100 feet down the corridor. It had been years since she was last able to walk.

Keep up the good work, Mayra!


No Butts About It: Something Is Seriously Wrong Here

WARNING: Graphic video images. Viewer discretion advised.

LAWSUIT ALERT - I can see this one coming from a mile away -- pun intended!

All I can say is "THAT'S NASTY" and ask Who the heck did the filming of this video?


Maybe she should have gone this route instead of surgery.


When Is Animal Cruelty Acceptable?

I like animals. I really do. And I do not like to see them mistreated. Take for instance this recent case where a British circus owner was convicted of several cruelty crimes against an elephant. Elephants are big creatures, and in the wild could probably hold their own. But this particular elephant is in captivity, is 58 years old, has arthritis, and has two legs tethered to the ground at all times. So it really is defenseless, meaning that the person who mercilessly beat it with a stick and repeatedly kicked it (caught on hidden camera) is a sadistic idiot and should be punished.

And then there may be incidents that set off anger when there is no criminal activity whatsoever. Take the recent hunting trip in Wisconsin where some out-of-town hunters broke an unspoken rule when they shot an albino deer. Killing the deer was not against the law, as albino deer are not protected in the state of Wisconsin. And the deer was reportedly not a true albino deer either. But the locals had agreed amongst themselves not to kill the creatures because of their aesthetic appeal and their rarity. The scorned culprits quickly fled from the town, leaving the locals to grieve the loss of one of their beloved creatures and to seek other ways of protecting the rare indigenous animals.

Still, sometimes animal-lovers take their cause a little too far in trying to protect animals that do not need to be protected. Take the recent case in Florida where a woman was hunted down like someone on the Most Wanted List. Local news channels broadcast her picture in order to hunt down the dirty rotten female scoundrel, and she now faces hefty fines and jail time. What was her crime? She rode a manatee. Yes, I said a manatee. I know, I did not know what one looked like until recently either. So, here is what a manatee looks like.

And here is what a woman riding a manatee looks like.

The woman rode the manatee in September, but she was not arrested until this past Sunday while she was working at Sears. The capture came just days after Thanksgiving. She had probably even given thanks for the manatee-riding experience on Thanksgiving, and look what it got her: a citation for violating the Manatee Sanctuary Act, which states: "It is unlawful for any person at any time, by any means, or in any manner intentionally or negligently to annoy, molest, harass, or disturb or attempt to molest, harass, or disturb any Manatee."

I would be arguing as her attorney that the manatee did not file a complaint, and it is merely speculative to suppose that the woman in any way annoyed, molested, harassed, or disturbed the manatee. She rode on its back for goodness sakes. Can't a woman and a manatee have a little fun together?

Which brings me to my point in this blog. There is one particular creature that I have no problem disposing of, whether or not it is considered cruelty. In fact, in the last few days we have disposed of four of them in our house. That's right, it's those furry, stinky little mice, the creepiest of unwanted guests. As the weather gets colder, the nasty critters come inside to warm their icky little bodies and search for crumbs -- of which there are plenty in my kitchen no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.

So here's to the inventor of the mousetrap. If they ever make it a crime to kill these pests, I will gladly do the time.
Number 4 and counting...

Shameless Advertising:
Spare me the "humane" mousetraps. Mice are not "human," so the faster they die the better!
It would take all day to set and empty all 72 of these traps, but if it works, I say the more the merrier!

A Practical Joke that Goes Too Far?

They must have different laws in Brazil, because if the events in this hidden camera video happened to me in the U.S., somebody would be receiving a civil lawsuit complaint for intentional infliction of emotional distress if I survived it -- or wrongful death if I didn't!

I'm not sure how you make ghosts humorous, but it may be wort a read.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parking Wars Goes to Chicago

I thought I had problems a few months ago when I got a parking ticket in Washington, D.C. My car (nor I) was nowhere near the vicinity of the expired parking meter on Capitol Hill where some careless or ruthless cop cited it as being in late July. I have been over that story, so I won't rehash it.

But my problem was nothing compared to the Chicago single-mother who finds herself facing a city trying to collect over $100,000 in unpaid fines from her. The website has the full story, including documents and photos, so let me just summarize.

Four years ago the single mom's boyfriend bought a car for $600 from the woman's uncle. Unbeknownst to her, the boyfriend titled the vehicle in her name. Shortly thereafter, the couple parted ways. She kept the baby, he took the car. Only he did not take it very far or for very long. Instead, he abandoned it at O'Hare airport. There it was towed to the notorious impound lot, where it began receiving multiple tickets (768 in total) for multiple infractions.

The $105,761.80 car in the O'Hare impound lot, which is owned by the City of Chicago.
Since the woman did not know what happened to the car, nor that it was titled in her name at the time the ex took it, she saw no reason to follow up on the car. To make a long story short, she began receiving notices that she owed a beaucoup of money, but she did not take it seriously at first. Eventually she did try to take action, but like a bad dream she could not resolve the situation. An administrative law judge even advised her to transfer title to the boyfriend, which she did some time back, but in the meantime she also lost her license through suspension in the wake of the ticket writing extravaganza.

So now single-mom has a pro bono attorney helping her, and she has sued the City of Chicago to get the debt cancelled and her license returned. She basically is saying that the City's own protocol calls for abandoned cars to be taken care of long before they can rack up this type of penalty, and the City failed to follow its own protocol.

This is one case that I hope gets decided in the favor of the plaintiff -- especially since I lost MY parking war in September!


Lost in Translation: Kim Jong Un Style (PSYch!)

How do you say "lawsuit" in Chinese? The reason I ask is because the leader of China is gonna law one on The Onion! You know The Onion, right? They started off as a print newspaper, but in recent years went to solely electronic media transmission. This news agency spoofs current stories, often with surprising accuracy.

The latest story in The Onion that has turned heads and embarrassed an entire 1/4 of the world's population is this recent headline declaring Kim Jong Un to be its 2012 choice as the "Sexiest Man Alive."

The story was picked up by the Chinese media and hailed by them for recognizing the "boyish good looks" of their youthful-looking leader. They ran a story that featured 55 pictures of their dear man-child leader. Can you spot him this photo with the Chinese women's volleyball team?

My personal favorite is this picture of the Red leader sporting sexy shades.

And I know WHY he is wearing those snazzy shades. No, not to keep the sun out, but because he is hiding his true identity. The Sexiest Man Alive, AKA "Psy," is also the top all time You Tube video view getter. Join the nearly 850,000,000 other humans and watch him doing it Kim Jong Un style!

Oh, yes, the Chinese word for "lawsuit" is 诉讼 (Sùsòng). But Kim Jong Un (AKA Psy) won't need it!


The Kennedy Curse Continues

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying that the Kennedy family has had its share of controversy, grief, and publicity.

They and their extended family have been media fodder for decades after numerous assassinations, murders, suicides, and fatal accidents.

From the deaths of the Brothers Kennedy in the 1960s to the John Jr.-Caroline-Sister plane crash in the late 1990s, money could not buy happiness. But money CAN buy a team of investigators. And that is just what is happening in the most recent chapter of the Kennedy's voluminous saga.

The family of the late Mary Richardson Kennedy has hired investigators to look into her death by strangulation earlier this year, in May -- which death was officially ruled a suicide. She was the estranged wife of Robert Kennedy, Jr., son of Robert, who was killed in 1968 during his bid for the Presidency. She was found hanging from a rafter in her home's garage on May16 of this year.

Although criminal prosecution does not seem to be the motive behind the investigation, it may be that a wrongful death civil lawsuit is on the horizon. It would not be the first time a male Kennedy has been "involved" in the death of a woman.


Friday, November 23, 2012

The Real Chinese "Hobbit" Is a Miracle of God

A new movie called "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is set for release in a few weeks. No doubt it will be a success at the box office.

Hobbits are not real of course. If they were, someone would get sued for causing the little people to be abnormal. In "real life," God does not make mistakes. But sometimes Nature does.

This 14-year-old Chinese boy was nicknamed "The Hobbit" because of the congenital deformity of his feet.

Xiao Meng with his father at a doctor's visit

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. And although this young boy is from China, I give thanks that God gave his doctors the intelligence to be His hands and work His miracles here on earth.

No lawsuit here. Just an attempt to make this young boy's life a little more bearable, a little more normal. A chance for him to walk to school without the unbearable pain and the stares from onlookers.

I do not know the outcome of Xiao Meng's surgically corrective surgery, but I hope his doctors were successful. God bless the Chinese Hobbit Boy. May he have more success than the box office Hobbit.


Gloria Allred Already Moves "Forward" from Sullivan

If you have read my blog in the past month, you are no stranger to the fact that I find celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to be one of the most despicable members of the legal profession out there. Her insertion of herself into the presidential campaign was just another desperate attempt to be relevant and, despite her denials, to sway voter opinion. Instead, her botched handling of her client's case -- that of Maureen Stemberg Sullivan -- was quite entertaining and revealing of Allred's true all-red colors.

By the way, what ever happened to that case? Apparently Allred dumped Stemberg after the election, and she has not pursued the lifting of the gag order on the Stemberg divorce case. That's because there is no need any longer since Romney lost the election. Despite the fact that Allred insisted the case had nothing to do with trying to bring down Romney, the truth speaks loudly in her actions. We are not hearing anything about the lifting of the gag order because the story is no longer relevant and Allred was lying through her teeth.

All of this fully supports my theory (which I wrote about on my other blog) that Allred was involved in the Petraeus case back in October, that she planned to bring forward one of the women who was involved  (see below) prior to the election, and that Obama stopped her from exposing the scandal until after the election. My closing line on my November 14, 2012, blog post on the Petraeus-Broadwell-Allen-Kelley scandal was: "P.S. Don't be surprised when  Gloria Allred pops up (again) in the midst of all this sleaze and sensationalism." And I was spot on. Call me prescient.

Allred has moved on to a more timely "victim." Move over Maureen Stemberg Sullivan: Gloria smells fresh (all red) blood. She now has her claws in another woman whose story is meaningless -- and pathetic. Remember this picture from my earlier post?

We now have a new face of a weepy victim to insert into the Allred mold.

That's right. Allred is now exploiting Natalie Khawam, the twin sister of Jill Kelley, who is the woman who brought down Four-star General Petraeus earlier this month. And we don't have to fake a picture since Allred  already threw Khawam to the piranhas in the media this past week, with displays of her trademark hugs and loving gazes.

What is remarkable about the press conference that Khawam and Allred held this week is that it was absolutely, unequivocally the most pointless waste of time and energy in recent memory. This weepy woman, who has no dog in any public fight whatsoever and who should be staying as far off the radar as possible in light of her own personal problems, appears as a press conference with the creepy woman lawyer to tell the country that she (Khawam) loves her sister (Kelley), that she (Khawam) sautees and her sister (Kelley) bakes, that she (Khawam) likes math and her sister (Kelley) likes science, that they both like tennis (perhaps Khawam lobs and Kelley smashes?). Also, she says "po-tay-to" and her sister says "po-tah-to," she says "to-may-to" and her sister says "to-mah-to." I wish they had called the whole thing off.

Inseparable sisters in separate side-by-side photos
Instead, with Allred clinging to her shoulders, Khawam tearfully asserted that she and her sister (Kelley) are "literally inseparable." "Literally inseparable." Not figuratively-speaking inseparable, but "literally inseparable." Huh? What? Is your sister invisible? That's not your sister clinging to you. That's GLORIA ALLRED. She's the one who was inseparable from you at the press conference. And she will remain so while you bring her money and more fame infamy. You can watch part of the ridiculous press conference video at this link if you have some time to waste.

Or, if you want to make better use of your time, you can watch this clip from the classic movie What About Bob? which is how I suspect many of Gloria Allred's patients clients feel about her when they try to get rid of her and she just keeps coming back to drain more of their life's all-red blood. (She comes by her name honestly.)

At the end of the press conference, Khawam closed with this remark: "I look forward to the day when I'm able to answer everyone's questions and explain what really happened in this matter."

What? So what is stopping her? Why isn't that day now? On second thought, who is even asking questions of her, other than, "What the heck are you thinking?" and "Who gives a flying fig about you?"

Khawam is only a small minnow in a big scandal-pond. Allred will soon move on to bigger fish in the scummy waters of the Petraeus debacle. Mark my word. I called it earlier this month, and I'll bet my law license I am right again.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SHARKS, Fordham, and Shameful Bullying

A story out of Philadelphia this morning really gets my blood boiling once again. It is another case of animal-rights activists trying to shove their beliefs down the throats of others while simultaneously calling for rights for non-human animals. It seems a group called SHARK (SHow Animals Respect and Kindness) is crying out for attention because their bullying tactics backfired on them.

Another group of human animals was carrying out a completely legal activity at Berks hunting club. They were having a pigeon shoot. Since they were in a private location not open to the public, the SHARK people sent up a drone with cameras on it to spy on the shooters during their completely legal activity. According to the local NBC affiliate, "SHARK began to use an 'Octocopter,' a remote controlled flying machine with a high tech video camera, to secretly record the pigeon shoots as they happen."

View more videos at:

What is completely telling about this SHARK group is that the Octocopterists could not predict what was going to happen. It is common knowledge the real property rights under U.S. common law extend from the surface of the earth to the center of the earth and outward to infinity.


Anyone with half a brain would know that when you fly a drone over someone else's real property they have the right to privacy and quiet enjoyment and thus are entitled to shoot down your little drone flying over their property. The government may have air rights, but the Common Joe does not have the right to invade someone else's air space.

Remember, these pigeon shoots are completely legal in the Pennsylvania County where they occur. And since liberals control that state, these animal lovers could go to their legislators, fork over a few bucks as bribes, and get the practice condemned. Instead, they chose to invade the privacy of the private citizens on private property who were conducting legal private sporting activities and then post obnoxious videos (that they must think make them look righteous) like this one on You Tube.

Now, I do not condone the distasteful behavior of some of these hunters, but I know enough about human nature and hunting to know that men will be men. What is most disturbing about this You Tube SHARK video is the guy who is doing the talking. He is a low-life coward who can only make his self-important macho-man comments on a You Tube video rather than going face to face to talk to the hunters and tell them what he thinks in person. I wonder how big HIS manhood (boyhood) is since he does not have the balls to show his own face or identify himself. He is simply another of those liberal bullies who insist on shoving THEIR views down the throats of everyone. Not everyone likes pigeons, you buffoon bully!

The real meaning of SHARK should be - Show Human Animals Respect and Kindness.

This whole story is just one of a plethora out there about liberals who cry "freedom of choice" in all things that suit their cause and demand no one tread on their rights, but then in every facet of our conservative lives they try to ram their beliefs down OUR throats. Like respect for pigeons. Pigeons poo on everything! They don't deserve no respect! When are we as a nation going to wake up and liberal SHARKs and other bullies to shove it up their ... pigeons.

I took this photo of Coulter at CPAC 2009
To show how extreme this liberal bullying mentality has spread, consider the so-called Catholic institution of higher education, Fordham University in New York City. Last week when the College Republicans invited Catholic pundit Ann Coulter to speak on campus, the PRESIDENT of the university, Fr. Robert McShane, sent a letter to the Republican group telling them that Coulter is "hateful and needlessly provocative," and bullying them into rescinding the invitation. I have seen Ann Coulter speak at CPAC for the last four years, and I survived to tell about it. She is definitely thought-provoking and pulls no punches. But to call her "hateful" is to admit that you listen to MSNBC as your primary news source.

Well, you say, not wanting controversy on campus might be a justifiable defense, until I tell you that days later the same university hosted a two-hour panel discussion called "Christians and Other Animals: Moving the Conversation Forward." Here is what the advertising flyer looked like.

Photo from Singer's webpage
Incredibly, the Co-Sponsors were the Department of Theology, Center for Religion and Culture, Office of the Provost, Dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill, and the Dean of Fordham University Faculty. And in case you cannot read the tiny print, on that panel was a man named Peter Singer who was billed as "the intellectual heft behind the beginning of the animal rights movement in the 1970s," but in reality is the world's most notorious promoter of infanticide.

Bill Ayers
In case you are not familiar with Singer, he was born in Australia, now teaches at Princeton University, and calls himself a "moral philosopher" and an "animal liberator." In his writings, Singer promotes infanticide for any reason up to age two, euthanasia of the elderly with dementia, abortion, necrophilia (as long as it is consensual) and bestiality (as long as it is consensual). Don't even ask the obvious question about how dead people and animals give consent to being violated sexually. The man is a sick-o. (By the way, Singer looks remarkably like another academician at an Ivy League school -- Bill Ayers. I wonder if Singer ever tried to blow up the Pentagon ... after removing all the non-human animals, of course.)

And the president of Fordham called Ann Coulter  intentionally provocative?

Where is the real SHARK when you need it?


Monday, November 19, 2012

Attention Lawyers: God Doesn't Make Junk -- or Mistakes!

Can a parent sue God? I mean, people seem to always be looking for someone to blame when things go wrong. Imagine what the parents of these children could get out of God if they won a judgment for ... what? professional malpractice in failing to develop a normal body? negligent anatomical planning? reckless assembly?

The parents of this polydactyl child, who inherited 6 fingers and toes on each appendage, eventually had the condition surgically corrected for their son. I guess God would be on the hook for the cost of the surgery.

And then there is this eleven-year-old Chinese girl, whose body apparently absorbed her twin in utero. But the parasitic twin left her mark. Only recently was the twin's vestigial arm and breast removed from the girl's back.

This photo has been in my computer's pictures folder for years. I do not know where the child is from or what happened to the extra four legs that the child sported. There must have been triplets originally in this instance. God would be looking at a pretty hefty settlement on this one.

There are a lot of adults who have grown up with malformations. Here are a few other snapshots that I have had in my pictures folder for years also.

This girl had little or no ear...
... so doctors made her one.
God is off the hook on this one. Well, except for the cost of the surgery. Then again, they used his design, and the ear does not actually heat, so they cannot get much more out of God.

Backwards feet are rare, but not unheard of.
She could get additional damages for not knowing if she is coming or going. But she looks pretty happy, so that would keep the indemnity down to a manageable amount for God.

The tree man...
This man could give a whole new meaning to tree-huggers. God would owe him BIG TIME!

This poor guy could ask for the world... and get it.
Lastly, this Chinese man actually had great success with medical procedures in correcting his tumorous condition.


...and after ... Thank God!
Despite the occurrence of medical miracles to assist many of these individuals, I doubt the old saying "God doesn't make mistakes" would hold up in front of a jury of His peers.

[I am not making light of these people's abnormalities. They are all God's unique creations, and He loves them along with their parents and loved ones. My legal background sometimes kicks into overdrive. I am actually making fun of predatory lawyers who sue for anything and everything. I thank God that the parents of these children brought them into the world and did not abort them. Blessings to these beautiful people and their families and loved ones, and to the medical personnel who seek to help them lead "normal" lives.]