Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy Gets the Better of Michael in New York

Of all the stories I have read and of all the news reports I have seen on the Hurricane Sandy devastation in the northeast, this one from this ABC affiliate in New York is nothing less than the chickens coming home to roost, to borrow a phrase from Mr. Obama's favorite wright-reverend. Take a listen to the ladies who launch into their grievances against the government -- DEMOCRAT-controlled, no less.

Here's some of what I observe. First, these women are slamming the mayor of New York, Bloomberg, who just this past week came out and endorsed Obama. That makes sense, since Obama has done everything he can to convince people to become dependent on the government.

Second, these women have the "Katrina-mentality" since that is what has been forced down the throats of our citizens since August 28, 2005. It is a continuation of the mentality that the media fostered against George Bush and FEMA in 2005 rather than the local and state officials who should have been the first responders. Now, the media is not blaming the mayor (Bloomberg-a Democrat) or the Governor (Cuomo-a Democrat) or the President (Obama-a Democrat). They are not blaming anyone -- Oh! except Mitt Romney (a Republican) because he does not believe in global warming, which Algore (a Democrat) ridiculously says is the cause of Hurricane Sandy.

Third, it is almost humorous the way the woman in the video describes the process - stand in one line to give your name and address, and then go to another line for some unknown reason, and then leave the second line and cause yourself extra time since you got out of line. She says with disdain that they then give you food stamps, but the grocery stores in her neighborhood are gone. You have to go outside the community to get food. And that means finding a taxi or driver, which  drivers charge you double to take you where you need to go! Hmmmmmm! Can it be that the Obama-supporting drivers know a thing or two about the free market and supply-and-demand? What a travesty! People making money off the pain of others. Right there in liberal New York!

Fourth, notice that the first inclination of the Mayor was NOT to cancel the festivities of the New York Marathon. Rather, he diverted generators to that task to make sure the race would go on and the city would look good and rake in the dough. Supposedly the marathon generates hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. So, again, money takes precedence over people and their pain and distress. Wow, those heartless Democrats are batting 1000!

Is it any wonder that gun sales across America are soaring?


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