Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Man Who Killed Family Sentenced To Four Life Terms

This is an update on a case that I wrote about several months ago. Eighty percent of the beautiful Vaughn family was wiped out in one fell swoop over five years ago when Christopher Vaughn decided he wanted to make a new life for himself north of the border in Canada.

The Vaughn Family
The last place Kimberly and her three children, ages 12, 11 and 8, were seen was in their family car. Their bodies were discovered there in 2007. 

The car that was a tomb for Kimberly and the children.
Although Christopher tried to blame the deaths of the children on Kimberly, the jury was not swayed. They knew he was the cold-blooded murderer of the people he was supposed to protect, and they convicted him of four counts of murder. Now, he has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences. Not concurrent, but consecutive. That means he will never see the light of day outside prison walls again.

This dastardly monster is where he deserves to be for the rest of his life -- a hopefully long one so he can face his heinous crimes every day.


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