Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shocking Family Secret Reveals Perversion, Court Doles Out Injustice

I was blessed to grow up in a loving, normal family where everyone knew their respective roles as parent, child and sibling. My family recently added a new member when my younger brother and his lovely wife had their first child.

Anna makes grandchild number 22, and she increases the lead of girls over boys (12 to 10). 

Sadly, not all families have the same blessing as mine -- that is, everyone knowing and respecting the traditional, Christian relationships between family members. This week a court case in South Carolina captured media attention and revealed a distorted (to say the least) family dimension.

Tiara Stevens was only eleven years old when her father, Fred Montgomery, began raping her on a regular basis. Tiara was barely thirteen years old when she discovered that she was pregnant. The way she discovered her pregnancy is equally shocking -- her rapist father felt the baby kick while he was raping her. A few days later, Tiara gave birth to her blind, albino son/brother.

At the time of the birth of her son, Tiara reported to authorities that it was her own father who had impregnated her. Montgomery was indicted and charged with a crime, but the prosecutors did nothing to pursue the charges. A fire in one of the municipal buildings supposedly destroyed some of the evidence, which is why the charges lay dormant for over a decade. But clearly there was no obstacle to "re-creating" the evidence. All it would have taken was simple DNA tests. On the contrary, nothing was done until Tiara reached her mid twenties and insisted that justice be enforced against the man who had abused her, fathered her child, and destroyed her childhood innocence.

Tiara told her story recently as her father's trial was about to begin.

In another report, Tiara demonstrated that she is a remarkably strong young woman as she told her story and that of her now 14-year-old son to a local news channel.

In a turn of events that deprived Tiara of the justice that she and her son deserved, the judge accepted a guilty plea from the perverted Fred Montgomery this week before the trial began. Montgomery was sentenced to 15 years, but only one year has to be served because the judged suspended 14 years. No trial, no jury verdict, no jury imposed punishment, no chance for Tiara to look Montgomery in the eye and tell him what a disgusting, low-life piece of garbage he is. Instead, he gets a slap on the wrist and probably a slap on the back from good old boys who will congratulate him for getting away with ... rape of a child.

Sadly, I found no mention of Tiara's own mother or any other relatives. God bless you, Tiara, and your beautiful child.

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