Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forced Abortion for Elisa Is Off the Table

Reno is close to the California border
The drama that has played out in a Nevada courtroom over the last six weeks may have come to a surprisingly satisfactory conclusion yesterday.

I have written about the injustice that a judge ordered recently in the case of 32-year-old Elisa Bauer and her parents, Bill and Amy Bauer. He declared that she could be forced to abort her child since she has a mental disability, and state workers think it best that she have an abortion. He disregarded the fact that her parents are her legal guardians and that they AND Elisa herself want her to carry the child to term.

I had a follow-up post also when the Supreme Court of Nevada said the judge has no right to force an abortion. 

Yesterday, to the delight of Elisa and her parents, the judge relented and took forced abortion off the table as an option in her case. Naturally, this was a win for the pro-life position. Hopefully, Elisa will be able to bear her child and place him/her for adoption to a loving family without further interference by the judge or the state workers.

Elisa and several siblings were adopted by the Bauers twenty years ago. She was born in Costa Rica and was afflicted with disabilities as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome and epilepsy.

However, the compelling question that remains is why this judge had any say in the matter in the first place. The attorney for Elisa and the Bauer family will be spearheading legislative changes that keep something like this from happening again.


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