Monday, November 19, 2012

Attention Lawyers: God Doesn't Make Junk -- or Mistakes!

Can a parent sue God? I mean, people seem to always be looking for someone to blame when things go wrong. Imagine what the parents of these children could get out of God if they won a judgment for ... what? professional malpractice in failing to develop a normal body? negligent anatomical planning? reckless assembly?

The parents of this polydactyl child, who inherited 6 fingers and toes on each appendage, eventually had the condition surgically corrected for their son. I guess God would be on the hook for the cost of the surgery.

And then there is this eleven-year-old Chinese girl, whose body apparently absorbed her twin in utero. But the parasitic twin left her mark. Only recently was the twin's vestigial arm and breast removed from the girl's back.

This photo has been in my computer's pictures folder for years. I do not know where the child is from or what happened to the extra four legs that the child sported. There must have been triplets originally in this instance. God would be looking at a pretty hefty settlement on this one.

There are a lot of adults who have grown up with malformations. Here are a few other snapshots that I have had in my pictures folder for years also.

This girl had little or no ear...
... so doctors made her one.
God is off the hook on this one. Well, except for the cost of the surgery. Then again, they used his design, and the ear does not actually heat, so they cannot get much more out of God.

Backwards feet are rare, but not unheard of.
She could get additional damages for not knowing if she is coming or going. But she looks pretty happy, so that would keep the indemnity down to a manageable amount for God.

The tree man...
This man could give a whole new meaning to tree-huggers. God would owe him BIG TIME!

This poor guy could ask for the world... and get it.
Lastly, this Chinese man actually had great success with medical procedures in correcting his tumorous condition.


...and after ... Thank God!
Despite the occurrence of medical miracles to assist many of these individuals, I doubt the old saying "God doesn't make mistakes" would hold up in front of a jury of His peers.

[I am not making light of these people's abnormalities. They are all God's unique creations, and He loves them along with their parents and loved ones. My legal background sometimes kicks into overdrive. I am actually making fun of predatory lawyers who sue for anything and everything. I thank God that the parents of these children brought them into the world and did not abort them. Blessings to these beautiful people and their families and loved ones, and to the medical personnel who seek to help them lead "normal" lives.]


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