Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hotel Lock Thief Caught Red-Handed

About six weeks ago I blogged about how hotel rooms with certain types of locks on the doors are not safe from would-be thieves who have developed a way to get into hotel rooms lickity split. It was just before I went to Dallas to deliver a presentation. I noted at that time that the hotel had the very same locks that were susceptible to break-in. So I left nothing of value in my hotel room since I was only there overnight.

Now an arrest  of a man has been made in Houston, He was utilizing the very technology about which we were warned.

Caught: Matthew Allen Cook (pictured) was arrested on charges that he broke into several hotel rooms by taking advantage of the faulty locks.

Thief Matthew Cook was caught red handed breaking into hotel rooms using the very technology on the very same type of lick that I wrote about.

What a waste. He's kinda cute -- in a criminal sort of way. Definitely not my type!


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