Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sex-for-Money and Forced Abortion: Where's Gloria Allred?

SOS Message to Gloria Allred: Where are you? The Internet is ablaze with stories of abuse of women by powerful people in the government. You claim to be such a staunch supporter of women and one of the best lawyers in the world (according to Barack Obama), so why am I not seeing YOUR name as the legal representative of any of these women? Here are just two examples where you could do some good if your motives are as pure as you want the American public to believe.

Senators Robert Menendez and Harry Reid
(1) The breaking news this morning is that Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey stands accused of hiring two prostitutes when he was in the Dominican Republic this past Easter. Who knows or cares if prostitution is legal in the DR. There are at least two problems here. First, Menendez stiffed the women (no pun intended) by not paying them what he said he would pay them: he took an 80% discount from the $500 he offered the ladies, paying only $100. Doesn't that violate the Lily Ledbetter Act* of equal pay for women? Secondly, he was out there calling for the firing of the Secret Service agents who did the exact same thing a few months ago in Columbia.

Interestingly, on April 17, Sen. Menendez was interviewed by NJ Today Online and was asked about what the consequences should be for the secret service agents who were involved in the sex scandal in Cartegena, Colombia.

He answered, "If the facts are true, they should all be fired. The reality is is that the secret service not only protects the president of the United States, they represent the United States of America. They were on duty. If the facts are true as we are reading in the press, they shouldn't have a job."
So Gloria, why are you not all over this story like red on ... well, your clothes? I see the name of an attorney--Melanio Figueroa--for the women. No mention of you, Ms. Allred. Oh, is it because Menendez is a Democrat? Is that why you will not help these poor, underprivileged, exploited women from the Dominican Republic? And what of the women from Columbia who were also exploited by the President's Secret Service agents? Why are you not standing with them? Is it because all of these women are not Americans? Are you racist, Gloria?

(2) As for the second anti-woman happening where you could do some good, Gloria, yesterday a story from Nevada rocked everyone who believes that life is sacred. A court heard testimony as to whether a 32-year-old mentally handicapped woman should have her nearly 3-month pregnancy forcibly terminated.
With obvious public outcries against forced abortions in China and forced sterilizations of mentally handicapped individuals in Nazi Germany, one might assume the United States knows better.
However, today, in Nevada, the life of an 11-week-old unborn baby and the future of his or her 32-year-old mother hang in the balance as a judge considers whether or not to order the woman to undergo an abortion and sterilization against her will.
Elisa Bauer, who suffers from severe mental and physical disabilities attributed to fetal alcohol syndrome, is currently in the final weeks of her first trimester. The second-oldest of six children adopted by William and Amy Bauer in 1992, Elisa has epilepsy and is said to have the mental and social capacity of a 6-year-old.
The circumstances surrounding her pregnancy are unknown. Her family suspects she may have been raped, but it’s possible the sexual encounter that led to her pregnancy was consensual. On several occasions, Elisa has left her group home for hours or days at a time to engage in sexual activity with men at a local truck stop.
I see the name of an attorney--Jason Guinsasso--representing Elisa's parents, the legal guardians. How come I do not see your name, Ms. Allred, fighting for the rights of Elisa Bauer. Does she not have rights if she was raped? Does she not have the ability to consent to sexual relations? What? She is mentally unable to care for a baby? Is that your excuse? You support Obama's death panels? This is what we have to look forward to under Obamacare. She can't take care of it, so kill the little bastard. God help us all.

So, before Ms. Allred expends more fruitless time and energy on the bitter, rich, white woman who is clinging to her 20-year-old divorce sob story, somebody please tell her that there are a lot of worthy stories out there to which she could lend her name and do some REAL good.

And while I am at it, where is Senator Harry Reid when this travesty is happening in his own state? Do women only have rights in Nevada when they fit into the Liberal narrative? I guess Harry is busy consoling his colleague, Senator Menendez, on his own "travesty"--getting caught.

* Before anyone spends time on a comment to refute the Lily Ledbetter Act reference, it was a joke. I know what the act is all about and I know what the court case was all about. The question is, does Gloria?


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