Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gloria Allred Lies to Cover Up Professional Malpractice!

Who says TMZ is all about sleaze and sensationalism? Okay, I have said it before, but I am going to commend them for this follow-up story that they did to the Gloria Allred fiasco in court last week. I will first post the video, then I will write more about it. Don't be put off that the TMZ video is  shown to be 44 minutes long. The pertinent Allred piece is the very first story, and it lasts 9:44. You can stop the video at that point.

You can either watch the video first and then read my commentary, or you can scroll down below the video first and read why I think Gloria Allred is guilty of professional legal malpractice before you listen to her blabber to the TMZ guys.

This picture says it all --
Allred is Hollywood
through and through.
First, why on God's green earth would a reputable attorney with honorable intentions call TMZ to defend herself? This video is the smoking gun that Allred's sole purpose in this whole mess is to grandstand and try to further her goal -- that of making Mitt Romney look bad. She denied this was er goal previously, but she cannot deny it now.

Second, Gloria Allred (pardon my french) f**ked up. She is the attorney for a party to the case, Ms. Sullivan. If her client supported the lifting of the gag order, Allred ABSOLUTELY should have filed a motion on behalf of her client. Allred keeps saying that the Boston Globe filed the motion so she relied on that and should not have had to file a motion. A first year law student knows that you cannot depend on someone else to do your job for you, Gloria was riding the Globe's coattails, and they did a right turn and flung her off. Her denials are BS to the Nth degree. She may have gone to law school 40 to 50 years ago, but she knows that her client is a party to the case and the Globe was and is not. Gloria screwed up royally. Her client should sue her for malpractice. [Aside: Hey, Maureen, send me a Comment with your contact info and I will help you file the malpractice lawsuit against Gloria -- FREE!]

Third, the old adage "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much" has never been more fitting. That is why Gloria Allred called TMZ that same day as the hearing to try to defend herself. That is also a red flag that she is a fraud. She is incompetent. She is a joke. She is the reason we attorneys have such a bad reputation. Her own incompetence is why this video nails her to the wall. When the third TMZ guy chimes in at the 5:39 mark and says, "Well you could've couldn't ya?" I was cheering out loud "YES!! She could have and she SHOULD have!"

The Scarlet Allred Letter - L for Loser!


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