Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest on Gloria Allred's War on Romney

I am playing along with the rest of the salivating press out there, waiting to see what Ms. Allred is digging up on Mitt Romney. Speculation has been an affair, a child fathered out of wedlock, a sexual harassment claim while he was Governor of Massachusetts, and now, in the latest from this morning, that Romney testified in the divorce trial of a friend. Yes, that is the latest. Romney estimated the value of some stock that the friend owned for purposes of helping to divide assets in the settlement. And Ms. Allred wants to know what value Romney placed on it and how badly he screwed over the female party in the case. Because Romney is all about the war-on-women.

But that sounds too benign of a reason for such hoopla. Allred is fishing for more. She wants the records unsealed so she can see if Romney was accused of wrong-doing with the wife of the friend. She would not be putting her tarnished reputation on the line for a mere worth-of-business estimate. She wants something salacious. Someone has told her there is more to the story.

She is salivating along with the rest of us, waiting for herself to get the goods and save her leader form self-destruction....


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