Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update on Half-Ton Texas Woman's 600 Pound Loss

In September I wrote about Mayra Rosales, the Texas woman who falsely confessed to killing her nephew. Mayra weighed over 1000 pounds at the time, and it took 10 deputies to get her out of her house when she was arrested for the crime. You can read my previous post on how Mayra was cleared of the charges.

In the wake of the tragedy of the young boy's death at the hands of his mother, Mayra has been given a new lease on life. She has since resided in a nursing home in Houston and, through controlled diet and physical therapy, Mayra has lost over 600 pounds.

This past week a TV special aired about Mayra on TLC. Access Hollywood then followed up with a report on her phenomenal weight loss. Mayra explained how she lost 600 pounds and that her husband is not able to be with her during this phase of her life's journey due to immigration status problems. Still, she hopes to one day be able to literally put her arms around him and thank him for all that he has done for her. Mayra is able to walk a bit with assistance, and unassisted mobility is also one of her goals. Here is a video clip from the Access Hollywood interview.

I find Mayra's struggle to be an inspiration. I wish her all the best in her continuing path to health and independent living.

UPDATE 11/28/12

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