Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here's What Gloria Allred is Up To...

So, it is now being reported that Gloria Allred went to court this morning to get records unsealed in a divorce case from the early 90s. The parties to the divorce were the founder of Staples, Tom Stemberg, and his former wife, Maureen Stemberg Sullivan. Mr. Stemberg was and is a friend of Mitt Romney. He spoke at the RNC in Tampa back in August, attesting to Romney's support for small business and his ability to turn around the economy as president.

Mrs. Stemberg was in court with Ms. Allred this morning. The motion to unseal the records is apparently coming from the Boston Globe, not Allred herself. The Globe just wants to see what's in the file and to look for salacious stuff on Romney. What was his role in the Stemberg divorce? Is seems he was an expert witness who testified about the value of a company so that property could be equitably divided in the property settlement agreement.

Although initial reports are that Romney has no objection to the testimony being unsealed, and indeed may not even have a dog in the fight, the judge is giving the parties until tomorrow to review the content and raise any objections to the records being made public. I see no report on how Mr. Stemberg feels about the unsealing. Presumably he will have concern over anything that could potentially damage Romney.

There is another story out there this afternoon that seems to dovetail with this Allred flop. 
DRAGON-LION MEDIA's Edmund Druilhet has just announced the production of "The Maureen Sullivan Stemberg Story: A Portrait In Courage", a documentary detailing the life of Boston native Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, the former and first wife of Staples founder, Tom Stemberg, who served as CEO and drove the company through its growth from infancy to what is now a worldwide superstore based on the idea of a home-office. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg ran her own very successful interior design business from just such a home-office. This is such a timely story the truth is coming out about corporate greed at its best and its worst. This is a uplifting story, although she has been weakened in her body by divorce, cancer and auto immune illnesses, she prevailed everything she is standing tall and telling the story of the beginning of staples, her marriage to Tom Stemberg and much more. This is a uplifting story to inspire everyman and woman today who asked how they got away with it.

So, I surmise that they are going to try to use Romney's testimony to show that he undervalued the value of the Staples empire so as to deprive poor Maureen of her just desserts. She slaved in the business while Tom played golf with Mitt. Then he shoved her aside like a rag doll and went for a younger woman. Romney will come out as a villain and a good-old-boy in destroying the woman and up-lifting the man. I am just making this up. We'll see if I am right though.
I don't know what else Romney could possibly have said in a divorce case that would be an October Surprise, or the bombshell that has been predicted. So far she seems to have made about as much of an impact as Donald Trump with his October surprise.

Maybe Gloria should follow the lead of Donald Trump and offer the judge $5,000,000 to unseal the records.


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