Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Half-Ton Killer Now Pulling Her Weight

Here is the latest update on Mayra Rosales. You remember her from my earlier blog posts. She is the young woman who weighed over a half-ton when she confessed to and was arrested for the murder of her nephew several years ago in Texas.

Mayra eventually revealed the truth -- that her sister was the real murderer. The sister is now serving time for the crime. In the mean time, Mayra was completely exonerated, and she went into treatment for her morbid obesity. She now has a Facebook page which she updates with pictures of herself as she makes progress in her weight loss. Mayra recently had her stomach stapled, and is slowly but surely taking off the weight.

Mayra's weight loss is really progressing. She seems to be happy with her treatment, and writes that she recently waled 100 feet down the corridor. It had been years since she was last able to walk.

Keep up the good work, Mayra!


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