Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lost in Translation: Kim Jong Un Style (PSYch!)

How do you say "lawsuit" in Chinese? The reason I ask is because the leader of China is gonna law one on The Onion! You know The Onion, right? They started off as a print newspaper, but in recent years went to solely electronic media transmission. This news agency spoofs current stories, often with surprising accuracy.

The latest story in The Onion that has turned heads and embarrassed an entire 1/4 of the world's population is this recent headline declaring Kim Jong Un to be its 2012 choice as the "Sexiest Man Alive."

The story was picked up by the Chinese media and hailed by them for recognizing the "boyish good looks" of their youthful-looking leader. They ran a story that featured 55 pictures of their dear man-child leader. Can you spot him this photo with the Chinese women's volleyball team?

My personal favorite is this picture of the Red leader sporting sexy shades.

And I know WHY he is wearing those snazzy shades. No, not to keep the sun out, but because he is hiding his true identity. The Sexiest Man Alive, AKA "Psy," is also the top all time You Tube video view getter. Join the nearly 850,000,000 other humans and watch him doing it Kim Jong Un style!

Oh, yes, the Chinese word for "lawsuit" is 诉讼 (Sùsòng). But Kim Jong Un (AKA Psy) won't need it!


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