Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crazy Caller from Northern California Harasses Me and Calls Me an Idiot for No Reason!

Some days I wonder how people got the jobs that they have, particularly when I witness their people skills, or lack thereof. Today is one of those days. My curiosity turned to ire when I received the three most obnoxious phone calls that I have ever heard in my life. I am still reeling from them. I did have the presence of mind to record part of the last call that I received. I told him that I was recording him in the first call, but I could not figure out how to get the phone to record while I was on it. I grabbed my husband's phone and put mine on speaker, so I was able to capture the last 30 seconds of the call. The video below contains my explanation of what happened.

I need the help of my readers in tracking down the madman who called me three times, cursed me out and insulted me when it was HE who called me! That is the mystery of all of this. He called me, but proceeds to tell me that his company does not need me. It was like being on Candid Camera!

I filed an online complaint with the FCC and gave them the crazy guy's phone number. I told them that I expressly told the caller in the first call to remove my name and number from his list and not to call again. After that he called me two more times, which is a violation of the do-not-call law and constitutes harassment (and possibly stalking).

With his voice immortalized on this video, maybe someone will recognize him. His phone number is 747-202-0728. It traces to Los Angeles, California, but is unlisted. So reverse lookups did not work -- even when I paid for one. Please, Readers, I need your help in getting this video out there for people to see, and maybe someone in northern California will recognize the mad man!


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  1. That's the exact same person and script that I got. I even got a few calls back and a message.