Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Part 5: Live-Person Contact with TCC Start-Up Specialist

Since I last wrote on Saturday, I have been a little frustrated with trying to get things going with Tubecashcode (which I am abbreviating TCC). I have watched more videos and re-watched previously-viewed videos. I've even looked at other websites promoting other systems. I still am intrigued by the TCC promises.

So finally this morning I got a call-back from the Start-Up Specialist assigned to me. His name was Jared Colwell, and he seemed pretty genuine and well-scripted. We spent 37 minutes on the phone, during which time he asked me questions about my job, income, and goals for the future. It was reminiscent of the Robert Kiyosaki program (Rich Dad) that I participated in a few years ago. And that leaves me with absolute certainty that I am going to have to invest some money into this before all is said and done, and sooner rather than later. But I have to be willing to invest money to make money. I know that going in. How much the asking price will be is the question. Jared said they are looking for people who are candidates for "testimonials," which leaves me wondering. (I'm sure that creating curiosity is what he and they want.)

So when I told Jared I am married, he said they need both my husband and me on a phone call to discuss our goals and to make sure he is on-board with my desire to work from home and devote time and energy (translated money) into this program. Now, unless my husband has been reading these blog posts--which is possible--he knows nothing about my latest jaunt into the quit-my-job-and-work-from-home arena. I will tell him tonight since I have set up a phone call for tomorrow night at 7:00 with Jared to speak again with both my husband and me.

Jared gave me homework for tonight. My husband and I are supposed to come up wth ur top 10 financial goals, 5 short term and 5 long term. Then we are to set a 5-year financial goal and a 10-year financial goal. And finally, think about what it will take to achieve those goals. I know the "trick" is to get us to really believe that it IS possible to get there -- which is a good thing in and of itself. But the investment of money is again what it's going to come down to. We have to set a realistic goal tonight and say this is how much we're willing to invest in it  -- and if it's beyond that we are not interested.

What we'd be paying for is a mentor, a coach if you will. The commitment of time initially will be 0 hours a week, which is doable for me on the evenings and on weekends. I just do not want to have to make phone calls to people. I'll do online stuff and run errands, but don't put me on the phone selling things. So, we'll know more tomorrow night after we talk to Jared and his supervisor, Rick. Until then, I have already completed my homework!

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