Saturday, February 1, 2014

Part 4 in My Tubecashcode Saga

So, after trying to log off of one of the tubecashcode websites that I had open, I was offered the 5 websites being set up and all that. I can understand that if I am going to have traffic driven to my website that I need a website. But should I do it on the site I am on which is not the one that I was on earlier? It's like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded.

I put the website purchase on hold for now. It will cost $259 for a 2-year hosting agreement. I know, Corey said he will never ask for more money. But it's not him asking, it is Hostzilla, the hosting site for my "future websites." Each one will cost me $259. But I am supposed to get all the design for free -- $10,000 worth of services. I don't know what I would put on ONE website, much less FIVE!

But I want to go through the tubecashcode training videos first and see if they tell me that I have to buy websites. I went through a different website to get to this video offer of web-hosting. And it is a video I have seen before -- within the last two days as I have been researching how to make money on the Internet and work from home. And that time it was not related to tubecashcode. (It all seems a bit incestuous.) If websites are really an intricate part of the program, then I am fine with that. But I already have one set up and paid for (, I just don't have any new content to put on it right now! Maybe I should move this blog to MY website... That's a thought.

So back on the flow of webpages after I registered, Corey tells me that I must move methodically and exactly through the steps he lays out in order to achieve the greatest success. I am directed to use a phone number on the screen to call a "start-up specialist" who will "hold your (my) hand." I just called the number and was told to leave a message and someone will call me back. I left a message and said that if it is after 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, wait until tomorrow and call me after noon Eastern time! It'll be Sunday, and I have Church in the morning, then grocery shopping. It's God's Day, after all, and I owe everything to Him!

I have a lot of email in my in-box due to all the market survey websites I signed up for. So I guess since I am on hold with tubecashcode until I get a call back to hold my hand, I will attend to some of those and maybe take a few surveys. Maybe I'll make 25 cents!

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