Saturday, February 1, 2014 The Saga Continues

Let me note up front that there has been absolutely no mention whatsoever of keeping anything secret with regard to these videos. Now, don't get me wrong. If I ever learn something substantive with regard to how this program works, I won't share it here. I'm not stupid enough to give away something that I paid for. But I am interested in stripping away the hype and letting people know the truth about a product that sounds to good to be true. After all, if it could do what the video depicts (stick a thumb drive in and earn $1000 in 40 minutes), it would be worth its weight in gold.

The $298 that I mentioned in the previous post is for a 5-step program that will quadruple what students could make. This software cost him an additional $405,000. That's $385,000 plus $405,000 (the latter being the product of . 45,000 for nine months spent on developers). Brian is the lead developer and we are introduced to him. He is using a (you guessed it) Mac computer, and he says he hates cameras.

Newbluefx flashes momentarily on the screen, so I an wondering if this is the name of the coding software?

Update - Corey says he went to see Peter (from the first video) in North Dakota. Hank-from-Colorado had selected Peter's name as the next recipient of Corey's benevolence. But then Corey was sidetracked by going to see Harris Schmidt about his $45,000,000 offer. [TROUBLESOME: Corey is still maintaining the charade that he is helping people for free and in 36 minutes. Drop the charade, Corey. You hooked me, now give it to me straight.] We then see a video of Peter and his wife. Before Corey's alleged visit they were destitute, just hours from their financial Armageddon. Then Corey visited them -- they are the third Chosen Ones. In their video they are giddy, and they say in four days they have paid off ALL their debt.

Argghh! Once again, I paused the Peter and wife video to write here, and when I went back it stopped playing and I had to click and click. I was then taken to a video of Corey saying stop, can you really pass up a chance to earn more money? Somehow I lost that video too. And I just got launched into another video of Corey asking for $179 for something, and he swears he will never EVER ask me for another penny. EVER. He insists. I don' even know what I am supposed to be buying. It's just that he makes it sound like I have to have this in addition to the $19 I already spent. I don't know if its the same thing I was supposed to spend $298 two videos ago.

Okay, its called a "pitch-in investment" for software to drive traffic to my site from the 5 most-visited websites on the web, and to get a lifetime of free upgrades. But I thought we did not have to have a website. What is on my website? So I am confused again. He promises that I will never again have to pay another penny. (Why am I reminded of Obama's promise that if you like your health insurance you an keep it?)

But I am staying optimistic. I am not looking for a free ride. I just wish I knew what all I was going to be asked to pay up front so I can know where the gravy train is going. Luckily he says its guaranteed and if I don;t get at least 100,000 visitors to my website in 60 days I get a refund and can keep the software. Again, that website that I don't know what will be on it.

I just paid another $179 for the 5-website traffic driver. My credit card bank rejected the transaction at first since I had just charged $19 to that same company. I got a fraud alert, so I had to go online and okay the transaction. I'm sure they are wondering what's up since the last time something like that happened it was a fraudulent use of my card in Indiana at two different gas stations. That time it WAS fraud, and it was one of the predecessor cards to the one I have now.

Another Corey-video has popped up on my screen, so I have a lot of watching to do!

WAIT! I just went back to a website called "" that I checked out this afternoon when I was checking out the veracity of the tube cash code and as I try to close it out (having already bought in) it offers me the tube cash code for $9!! What? I paid $19. I gave in too early! I need to get myself in the circle of people who pus this product! They make money selling the rain-maker! takes me to, so that's how I know this is a plant that is trying to look impartial. After all, the whole thing is that they show you ways to drive people to your website. It worked in this case and led to Genius!

Stay tuned for the next chapter. It's not that far away from being written!

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