Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tube Cash Code Part 2

It's an hour or so later and I am back to report for the first time since signing up for tube cash code for $19. As soon as I sent my payment, a video came up with Corey welcoming me to the inner member circle and telling me that he has spent a lot more money since then developing new software. Below the video I can see an "upgrade now for $298" display.

I was only seconds into this video, and I wanted to check and see if I got an email in my box confirming my enrollment. But first I stopped to eat supper since I had not eaten since 10:00 a.m. First things first!

When I finished eating leftover Chinese food, I saw that I had received an email immediately after sending payment. It took me a few minutes to log in using the link in the email. I started in Firefox but I switched to Chrome -- it's the only browser they give you directions for to enable cookies. I actually already had them enabled, so I don't now why it made me go to settings and pretend to turn on the enable. But I did, and I got in. It took me to another video starring Corey. But since I already had a video in the queue from when I signed up in Firefox, I paused this video. So, I have the second video on hold while I go back to watch the first video.

I am maintaining an open mind. Hard work does not discourage me. I just want a system that works!

More to come...

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