Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Movie about General Tso's Chicken Tempts My Palate

Seen any good movies lately? There are several on my list that I plan to see in the coming weeks. This morning I came across one that I had not heard of but which is now at the top of my list, just below Mockingjay (Part I). The movie is titled The Search for General Tso, and it is about--you guessed it--General Tso. More precisely, it asks Who is General Tso? Here is one of the movie's trailers.

 If you are as intrigued as I am, here is the trailer from the movie's official website.

On the movie website, I was excited to see they include a recipe for General Tso's chicken.

 And a fascinating fact as well is that one of the funders for this movie was none other than teen-idol-turned-movie-mogul Justin Beiber.

Wait. That's Beeber with two Es. Wrong guy. But it was fun while it lasted. I'll bet Justin Bieber likes General Tso's chicken anyway.

I am thinking that a movie about Moo Goo Gai Pan could be the perfect sequel...

Variety called the movie a "finger-lickin' good documentary." Being from Kentucky, I am not so sure I would agree with that (stolen) characterization. Especially since you eat General Tso's chicken with chopsticks (or a fork for the weak of fingers). But still, it is lip-smackin' good eatin'.

Now, I am off to my favorite Chinese restaurant to meet General Tso myself ... again.


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