Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dallas Man Decapitates Himself by Driving Van with Noose Attached to Fire Hydrant

Christmas is notoriously a time of year when suicides increase. Whether people are depressed that they have no one to spend the holidays with or mental illness just becomes overwhelming, there is no single answer to why people take their own lives. A disturbing story from Dallas this morning raises questions not only of why this man committed suicide, but why he did it in such a bizarre and gruesome manner. First this short video that essentially states the fact that a body was found.

Then come the news stories flesh out the details, but cannot answer the "why" questions.

The horrific nature of this man's death is mind-boggling. If the message he scrawled indeed translates to "no more severed heads," the choice of dying by beheading is unfathomable.

 Perhaps the man himself had been involved in beheadings, and was confessing his own sins with his final act. Or maybe he has lost a loved one trough beheading in Mexico and wants to bring renewed focus to this brutal means of killing. Whatever the reason, his actions certainly have focused attention on the tragedy of death by decapitation in a far different way than the ISIS beheadings of late.


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