Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Woman Sues Over Parking Meters

When a friend told me some months ago about her neighbor who put aluminum pie pans around the electric meter on the front of his townhouse, I was intrigued. It seems he fears that there is radiation emitted that will damage him if he gets too close or stays is in its proximity for a prolonged time. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, this man may be in good stead, after all. And he may be able to capitalize on his suspicion of harm.

A woman who claims that the new parking meters installed in Santa Monica are bad for her health is suing the city and claiming $1.7 billion in damages.

Santa Monica resident Denise Barton says that the wireless signals emanating from the new meters is causing ringing in her ears, an ear infection as well as tightness in her neck and back, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. She said her health problems started in April not long after the parking meters were installed. (Recently, the World Health Organization did release a statement labeling radiation from cell phones "possibly carcinogenic," but, uh, they didn't mention anything about earaches.)

Barton explained to the Daily Press why her claim is so large: "I know it seems a little big but they can't do things that affect people's health without their consent. I think that's wrong."

After filing her lawsuit, Ms. Barton proceeded to call everyone she knows on her cell phone to tell them about her impending windfall.


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