Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Started

I started this blog several years ago with a different purpose in mind, and quickly abandoned it along the way. Recently, with all the stories that I have heard about lawyers--both good and bad--I decided that a blog about lawyers might be interesting.

I am a lawyer, so I am one of those people whom many would like to see at the bottom of the ocean. Some of my friends tell me lawyer jokes and think they are getting under my skin. In reality, I am as hard on my fellow lawyers as anyone out there. In fact, in my real life job, I try to save my clients from having to go to a "real lawyer" until they absolutely must. I am sort of like a doctor since I try to save them an arm and a leg.

My husband also keeps me going with lawyer horror stories. He finds it hard to understand how some lawyers can defend certain criminal defendants (e.g., Kaycee Anthony, Drew Peterson, and O.J. Simpson, to name a few). When I try to explain that everyone is entitled to a defense and that the case against them must be proven, he waives it off as legalese. Once I said, "I just hope you never get charged unjustly with a crime." "Like killing you?" he joked in return. "That would be intentional," I replied with a smile and a wink. Then I turned back to Discovery ID channel and the episode of "When Women Kill" that I was watching.

So, this blog is a compilation of stories, pictures, anecdotes, and jokes that all have something to do with lawyers -- or attorneys, as we prefer to be called. Maybe there is something here for you. If not, send me something at

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