Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mrs. Obama's Secret

There are a couple of lighter stories out there in the legal arena this week.

Victoria’s Secret Lawsuit

This first story involves a lawsuit filed against the sexy lingerie company known as Victoria's Secret. It seems a hosiery supplier learned that it was being duped and filed suit. Zephyr, the plaintiff company, claims that their product is pictured in the Victoria's Secret advertising for some of its lingerie, but their hosiery is not what is included in the package upon purchase. A cheaper (Canadian) hosiery is what you get instead. So they are saying that their better quality, more expensive (Italian) product is used to sell the Victoria's Secret product, but is not what is included in the package to consumers. Thus, they are losing out on sales, promotion, and profits because of Victoria's Secret hiding the fact that it was not delivering what it advertised.
Cut-price: Zephyrs' lawyers claim Victoria's Secret is selling hosiery manufactured in cheaper lace trims
And the Zephyr's have scalloped lacy edges. 
Allegations: Victoria's Secret is being accused of breaching its contract with Zephyrs, unfair competition, consumer fraud and false advertising
Notice the reinforced heel in the Zephyr hose, left.
 I guess we now know Victoria's Secret.

They Did What to the First Lady?
Across the Atlantic, the Spanish are stirring things up also. At least one Spanish magazine is. The Magazine Fuera de Serie has the face of Michelle Obama depicted on the body of a slave, for an article called “Michelle Granddaughter of a Slave, Lady of America.”
Now, normally the liberal media is all about freedom and leaving the woman's body alone. However, it has completely flipped out over this depiction of Michelle Obama. Jessica Wakeman, who writes for a website named "thefrisky," mistakenly thought the magazine originated the artwork rather than superimposed Obama's head onto an existing piece of early 19th century art.
Plenty of absurd things are “artsy,” like crafting Jesus on the cross out of elephant feces or giving birth inside an art gallery as a live action installation. But a drawing of Michelle Obama topless on the cover of Spain’s Magazine de Fuera de Serie is plain old tasteless. In my opinion, they have every right to depict her artistically, even in poor taste. But that doesn’t mean they should do it.

Clutch Magazine is calling the image racist because the First Lady is depicted with her hair wrapped in a turban and her breast out like a slave nurse. [...] [A]s a non-Spanish speaker I first looked at the image and just thought OMG that’s Michelle Obama’s boobs. [Update: It has been brought to my attention the Michelle Obama image is based on the 1800 painting "Portrait d'une negresse" by artist Marie-Guillemine Benoist.]

[...] [W]hatever resulting conversation about “shock value” we might have in this already highly cynical society hardly seems a good excuse for depicting the First Lady as both sexualized and enslaved.

I was waiting for an Emily Latilla moment from Ms. Wakeman when she realized this was not an original work by a modern artist.
Maybe that "never mind moment" will come when Ms. Wakeman and others realize that Ms. Obama is no stranger to sex. Just last week Obama guest edited an i-magazine that features sex tips from prostitutes. I guess she is not opposed to the sexual revolution, even when it sexualizes her.

Speaking of Bare Breasts

While we are on the subject of bare breasts, it has become a routine scene in parts of California. Recently a group protested for the right to express themselves by going topless. They feel oppressed and unequal to men since they are required to cover their bosoms with clothing while men are allowed to flaunt their bare pectorals. If you dare, you can see pictures of some of these cringe-worthy women and their male supporters, flaunting what their mamas gave them, albeit some with surgical enhancement. Not a pretty picture, so consider yourself warned.  

What is even more interesting about this story is that the topless movement was started by a group claiming to be a religion called Raelianism. If you think Christian Science is a weird religion, having been started by a woman several decades ago and now coming under scrutiny after the Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes split, then you ain't seen nothing yet. The Raelianist denomination (and I use that term very loosely) is about as weird --and scary -- as you can get. I say scary because there appear to be a lot of adherents to the faux religion, all over the world.  According to the Wikipedia entry on the strange belief-system, "RaĆ«lianism is an atheistic religion that does not believe in a god (nor other deity), but in extraterrestrials. [...] RaĆ«lians routinely advocate sex-positive feminism and genetically modified food. [...] They also have protested against wars and the Catholic Church."

That could explain a lot. Maybe instead of being Christian or Muslim, the Obamas are Raelians.

We're all about freedom of religion in this country, despite Ms. Wakeman's despicable assertion that "crafting Jesus on the cross out of elephant feces" is "artsy." I guess she is just expressing herself.

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