Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Union Thugs Assault Reporter in Michigan

Talk about the proverbial "smoking gun," this ridiculously violent assault was caught on tape. Now all that is needed is to identify the thug who whaled on reporter Steven Crowder. No, it was not in a bar brawl or on a subway platform. This was in the midst of a public park in Michigan during a union protest against the new Right-to-Work law that was passed. Union thugs tore down the Americans for Prosperity tent which hurt a woman, and when Crowder attempted to stop the thugs by reasoning with them, they spewed profanities and then one guy assaulted Crowder and his camera man. Here is a video summary.

Dana Loesch has set up a fund to raise money for a reward for anyone who helps identify and locate the thugs on the video. Crowder is sort of a comedian-journalist. He had us in stitches at CPAC a couple of years ago as emcee.

Crowder at CPAC 2011 pretending to be a liberal

This is one lawsuit I can't wait to hear about being filed!


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