Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adoption Is the Cure for Abortion

When I was practicing law as a sole practitioner many moons ago, I assisted a number of families in the adoption process. It was the most self-satisfying area of my practice, even though it had almost as many heart-wrenching moments as it did happy-endings.

Not unexpectedly, most parents who were looking to adopt wanted newborn children without abnormalities. Indeed, most parent pray above all for a healthy child when they are awaiting the newborn's arrival. And, I am happy to say, that is how all the births turned out for all of my clients and birth mothers.

There was and is a HUGE demand for babies to adopt in this country. That is one of the reasons that I mourn for all the babies who never get the chance to be born.

Just as distressing are those less-than-perfect children who are born and given up by their families. It happens less frequently in this country than in foreign countries. Today I came across a website called Reece's Rainbow that tore at my heart. I cannot read the stories and look at the photos of the children up for adoption on this website without crying. Here are a few of the darling faces of the thousands of children available and waiting and hoping to be adopted.




Most of the children are from Russia, and the majority have Down's Syndrome and/or fetal alcohol syndrome. The pleading for someone to love them and a family to take them in is gut-wrenching, and I know I will be haunted for the foreseeable future by the website. The website has been featured in People Magazine and was promoted by actress Partricia Heaton. The foundress, Andrea Roberts, lives just up the expressway from where I work, in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Those of us who oppose abortion can see the beauty in these less-than-perfect children. So it is we who must help promote adoption and find families for these most innocent and needy of God's children. If you know anyone who is considering adoption or has room in their family for a special needs child, please refer them to this website.

God bless these precious children!

And finally, in case you have not cried enough from Reece's Rainbow website, I offer you this heart-warming story that has ties to the special needs children like Reese (have Kleenexes handy if you are a crier like me). The article's title is "Grandfather's 1982 pro-life poem saves great-grandchild from being aborted."


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