Friday, December 21, 2012

That Stinks: Federal Workers Cannot Use FSA for Beano

I took the liberty of obscuring the identity
of the character in the middle to protect
his identity too.
There is, as of now, no lawsuit filed in the case I am about to alert you to. But I suspect it will not be long before that happens. The underlying reason for the suit will not be that he was fired from his federal government job -- although he was. Rather, it will be intentional infliction of mental/emotional distress. This federal worker was given a formal reprimand for . . . how can I say this with a straight face . . . passing too much gas too often with too much gusto.

Reportedly, the worker was charged with "conduct unbecoming  a federal officer." You can read the actual letter sent to the employee of the Social Security Administration at

I have to wonder: where in the heck did they get the photograph that was on the Internet?



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