Monday, December 17, 2012

Bucky Balls Going the Route of the Dinosaur

Back in August I posted on my other blog about a fun desk toy called Bucky Balls. At that time the fight was on to save this unique and addictive toy from extinction. Well, the fight is over. Bucky Balls lost. They are days away from going the way of the ... dinosaur. I would have said "dodo" but there are plenty of them left at the CPSC. Here is my video once again that I made for the "Save Bucky Balls" campaign.

You can still get a set a set of Bucky Balls if you act fast. They'll be gone forever from public sale in less than 3 days! Go to If you use the code FinalHours at checkout you can save 20% or so. That equates to getting your shipping for free if you order a full set. I just ordered a set of 10 replacement balls ($3.50) for my two BB sets because it is easy to lose one of the little balls -- which has happened to both my sets. And since they soon will be extinct, you won't be able to get them anymore!


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