Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Houses Passes Buffett Bill

In a brilliant stroke of bipartisanship, the House today passed its version of a "Buffett bill" named after billionaire Warren Buffett, who infamously stated earlier this year that he should not pay less in taxes than his secretary. The Buffett bill would allow millionaires (and anyone else so inclined) to write out a check and pay an additional amount in taxes when they file their tax returns.

Several months ago on my other blog I proposed an amendment  to Form 1040 that would accomplish this same thing.

I feel quite sure that Harry Reid will never let the bill see the light of day in the Senate. He would not want to explain why he is not willing to put his money where his mouth is. Plus Reid knows that Obama would kill him if he (Reid) let the Senate pass it and sent it to Obama to sign!


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