Thursday, September 27, 2012

Florida Man Impregnates Girlfriend's Young Daughter

This story is about a week in the life of a Florida woman, her 11-year-old daughter, and the woman's boyfriend.

Boyfriend Gregory Johns
On Saturday, August 25, the 11-year-old. daughter complained of stomach pains. The woman took her to a doctor, who examined the girl and told  them that the girl was not really sick, but pregnant. Now, most mothers of 11-year-old children have a pretty good idea of the people with whom their children hang out. This mother did not have long to wait to learn the identity of her daughter's baby's father. When she got home and told the boyfriend, Gregory Johns, what the doctor said, he immediately asked for her car keys so he could go to the store for some smokes. She complied, handing over the keys, and Johns left, never to return to their house.

Now, Johns was not a saintly man. Indeed, not many of us are. Johns has been in jail 10 times over the last 25 years, so the mother knew he had criminal tendencies. I have not seen his entire list of past crimes, but the one named include aggravated assault, armed robbery, burglary, and a recent drug charge. Florida obviously does not have the three-strikes-you're-in-for-life law.

Johns' earlier mug shot
The police were notified, and the sexual battery against the child (AKA "rape") was determined to have happened in early June. That means the child was almost 3 months pregnant when she got the pains that led to the discovery of her pregnancy. Police put out BOLOs for Johns, and reports of sightings came in, with police narrowing the search area to Madeira Beach and Treasure Island, west of St. Petersburg, on the Gulf coast.

Over the course of the next week, Johns broke into the home of a 78-year-old woman, tied her up, and held her hostage for 12 hours. He had a gun and he robbed her.  He reportedly called his girlfriend and apologized for having rraped her daughter. What a guy, right? That was August 28. On August 29, Johns held up a couple at knife point and robbed them. At that location, he apparently dropped a note that he had written to his girlfriend, again apologizing for his actions. He also said that he would not go back to jail.   All this time he was still using his girlfriend's car.

Then, a week after he left with the girlfriend's car, John's was located. Through an anonymous tip, Johns was tracked to a motel called, appropriately, Trails End, on Treasure Island.

That was Saturday morning, September 1 of Labor Day weekend. Police went to the location to take Johns into custody. When they entered his he hotel room, Johns was in the bathroom. They announced their presence, and Johns rushed out of the bathroom brandishing a knife and ran for toward police. Both officers filed about 5 rounds each , and Johns' trail ended. Classic suicide by cop.

The officers were placed on routine administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

There will no be no need for a trial in this case. No jury will have to debate life or death for Gregory Johns in this case. But sadly, the debate over life and death is being argued -- over this innocent 11-year-old girl and the innocent life growing inside her. It is my prayer that the mother and her daughter will receive appropriate counseling, and that they will not be pressured to abort this child. I am adding this little girl and her mother and the baby to my prayer list.


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