Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DOJ vs. Gallup

A lawsuit filed by Eric Holder's Department of Justice last week got little play in the mainstream media. But it has raised eyebrows and suspicions. Anytime the name David Axelrod comes into the story, you can bet there is something shady going on. He is the mafia-boss behind the White House's activities.

The lawsuit field by DOJ is against Gallup, the polling firm. It seems that the White House has not been happy that Gallup has published poll results showing Obama behind Romney in the polls. So, under the guise of reviving a two-year-old complaint that was never substantiated, Axelrod is trying to strong-arm Gallup and intimidate the company into keeping Obama in the lead in its polls.

You can read the entire story here, on one of the only websites that has published the whole story.

Axelrod is from Chicago and is reportedly a product of its public schools. He is a former Obama staff person, but has since gone back to Chicago to try to get Obama re-elected. Hence, the lawsuit.

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